Has anyone ever wrestled in the indys while under wwe contract (besides the los matadores)?

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  1. I know Jerry Lawler(who has done it for years) and the los matadores wrestle indys while under wwe contract and i think those are the only ones who are in the company right now, but anyone ever done this in the past?
  2. Bret hart, while he was WWF champion, wrestled for lawlers fed in Memphis and one of Terry funks many retirement matches.
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  3. Learned something new about Bret Hart.
  4. Wasn't that because Lawler's fed was the developmental centre for WWE at the time?
  5. Didn't Daniel Bryan after he got rehired? He wanted to commit to his bookings, so WWE allowed him.
  6. I'm sure Cena made a appearance at an indie event, refereeing a match before giving an AA to one of the guys.

    Not sure where it was (Chaotic Wrestling me thinks) but I've seen the video before.
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  7. Don't think so. Iirc it was just Vince doing Jerry a favour. I believe I read it in Bret's book.
  8. I remember WWE using Memphis as developmental in the 90's. Triple H, Angle and a few others showed up down there
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  9. Regal had a match with Bryan down in Memphis in the early 2000's.
  10. Yup Chaotic Wrestling, I'm pretty sure they considered CW a feeder promotion into the WWE though when he did it, although I'm not 100% positive.. but yes in '06 or '07 he did it when he was champion can't remember the exact year.
  11. I remember hearing about John Cena making an appearance for Chaotic Wrestling as well. Here's the report:

    * John Cena made a rare indy appearance last night with Chaotic Wrestling. Here is a fan account of Cena’s appearance: In the Main Event, Cena got hit over the head by the Chaotic Champ’s belt and was out cold on the mat. While Cena was out, none one other than Vincent Kennedy McMahon came to the ring and helped the heel champ beat down the challenger. Cena finally came to, got up and FU’d Vince and then the Chaotic Champ. The place was going bonkers and it was almost 11 PM and we had been there since 3 PM. Vince slipped out the back door and Cena DQ’d the champ.
  12. The guy being interviewed on the left was trained in Lawler's territory. I'm not sure what became of him, though.
  13. Yep, the USWA was a WWF Developmental system.
  14. Didn't Carlito fight in that Puerto Rico company like Primo and Epico