Has WWE dropped the ball on Bryan?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. The hottest product in professional wrestling at the moment, he's come on leaps and bounds and is incredibly over. Surely they should have put the belt on this guy and then used that to turn him tweener? Suddenly feeling bad for treating AJ like that just doesn't make sense imo.
  2. They've never even held the ball with Bryan Danielson, all they've done is offer him poor gimmicks and storylines which he's made good.
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  3. Either way he was in the WWE title hunt twice now against Punk and provided amazing matches and is insanely over. Now he's going to feud with Kane...? Or Miz I suppose. No idea why you don't put the strap on the guy who is that over.
  4. I have a feeling they are trying their best to put him over in another storyline without interfering with Cena and Punk. Maybe Bryan will have to waste his talents on Kane at Summerslam but not for sure. Hopefully the wedding angle will set up everything.
  5. Exactly, those idiots decided to keep the belt on stale Punk instead of giving it to DB no matter how boring Punk was or how over Bryan was. Now they're (probably) going to book him in weird, non-ME storylines. He'll probably make them enjoyable but that's another story.
  6. WWE is good at wasting talent. They just keep screwing up. Too bad Bryan is another victim.
  7. Bryan is luckily one of the few I see who can actually work through something like this and still come out looking great. He is that damn good. He and Ziggler.
  8. Please stop praising Ziggler, you're obviously copying the trend setter Dolph'sZiggler.
  9. OH HELL NOO! YOU GOIN OUT OF BUILDNESS PLAYA :pipebomb: :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:opebum:
  10. :dafuq: Who wouldn't praise Zig's?
  11. It was a joke, based around Dolph's new trend setter gimmick on here.
  12. That awkward moment when D'Z is considered a trend setter
  13. Swinging this back on-topic.

    How would you fix this situation?
  14. Fuuuuck the lil jimmies :dawg:
  15. Simple, let him be Bryan Danielson. He needs more aggression in ring, drop the yes crap and all this emotional bullshit let him break people. Hell even let him be the one who beats Ryback's streak after a dirty finish. I know it's cheap but could cement both of them in a long feud where they steal the show.
  16. Whether you hate it or not, having him drop the most over catch phrase in professional wrestling which has broken into mainstream sports is unwise imo. Just have him do it less instead of telling him to do it every single move he makes.
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  17. Meh that works too, it just doesn't need to be a major part of him.
  18. Agreed. When he first did it (entrance, and when he won) it was fine imo. I agree with letting him be Bryan Danielson but what sort of booking and story do you give with him to draw?
  19. Let Kane interrupt the wedding and visk away AJ from him, have AJ leave him at the altar or something, making him an emotional wreck. Then on Smackdown Miz mocks him backstage and heads out for a match with *insert jobber heel X here*. Their match starts, Bryan runs in. Beats the hell out of the jobber and throws him out the ring. Bryan then launches for Miz, beats the shit out of him and shows an aggressive side, locks on the yes lock. Miz escapes and runs backstage with Bryan chasing after him or left in the ring. Set up a feud between the former master and pupil in which we establish Bryan as an aggressive face as of his failed marriage.