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  1. OOC - The start of this storyline.

    *Jwab is marching through the halls backstage. Opening every door. He is yelling for Christian. A stage hand tries to stop him but he pushes him to the side. Jwab has some stitches above his eye from the assault by Christian. He bumps to a camera man that is recording live for Uprising. Jwab pushes the guy and commands him to start streaming to the titantron. The guy tells him it's streaming. We cut to a view of the titantron. Jwab starts tapping on the lens of the camera*

    CHRISTIAN! I know you are here somewhere.... I've had it. I've had it with you. With "God". I've had it with every single damn person in this locker room. You attacked me...... and you left... a mark. *points at his stitch above his eye* And you said that I didn't see the last of you... Let's get this straight. You don't get to make that decision. I didn't see the last of you.. no.. YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF ME. After that assault... you put a bullseye on your chest! *starts smacking himself in the chest* YOUR HEAD! *Smacks the palm of his hand on his forehead 3 times* And you think that I'm just gonna let you walk by.. walk all over me.... I'm tired of being told I'm not good enough! Dat Kid told me the reason I am not in the World Title picture is because... I haven't earned it... well, I have earned it! Everyone in the back has told me that I have earned it! I had the best performance in that Chamber... hell, I was probably the best performer at that PPV. He wouldn't even be in the title picture if it wasn't for me. Hell, Dat Kid isn't the only person that tells me I'm not good enough, Aids told me I wasn't good enough and he went on to support .... and to think that you DON'T THINK I'm good enough.. that's sad. Let's face it, the only reason you want a piece of me is because I stripped away your precious little title and I somehow let my ego get the best of me... thinking you were gone.. forever. But, you're not... *shrugs* You're still here.... and I hate it. I hate you.. with a passion... I hate everyone here with a passion to be honest Mister Charisma *The camera starts shaking and Jwab snaps his hand to grab the camera and keep it still. He gives a furious look at the quivering cameraman* I'm going to prove everyone in the IWT wrong... tonight! You! MEET ME IN THAT RING! I KNOW YOU ARE WATCHING THIS. You meet me in that very ring. And we settle this... mano...e...mano...

    *Jwab takes his hand off the camera and the camera drops and busts on the ground and heads towards the ring*

    5 Minutes Later-

    *Jwab stops at the top of the ramp. He points at the crowd and is yelling but they can't get the audio. He points at himself and is furiously yelling "I'm the best!" He hops into the ring and starts to wait for Christian. He is stepping in place with a face of pure anger*

    OOC - I await the man.
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  2. 30 seconds pass by and Christian's theme finally hits

    Christian comes out on stage to a loud pop from the crowd. Noticeably Christian seems mad as he removes his jumpsuit and storms his way down the ramp.

    As Christian makes his way to the ring, Jwab suicide dives onto him. Jwab gets pumped off his suicide dive. He starts laying rights on Christian, but Christian manages to dodge one of his rights. Jwab punches the padded ground allowing Christian his opportune moment. Christian flips Jwab around and starts hitting rights of his own. Jwab pushes Christian off, but Christian comes back and starts hitting him with right forearms to the back.

    Jwab lands a punch to the gut of Christian. They keep on trading blows. Jwab jumps on Christian for a DDT of some sort, but Christian carries Jwab and slams him into the ring apron. Christian goes to toss Jwab into the steel steps, but Jwab reverses it and tosses Christian into the steel steps. Jwab starts yelling at the crowd "YOU LIKE THAT?!" as they get loud. The crowd start chanting "THIS IS AWESOME."

    Jwab grabs Christian by the arm that hit the steel steps and drags him up but Christian grabs the leg of Jwab and picks him up into the air and drops backwards causing Jwab's head to bounce off the ring post! Jwab is grabbing his head in pain. Christian is using the apron to get back up. He goes to grab a weapon under the ring. There is nothing under there except a ladder. He pulls out the ladder, but before he gets to use it, Jwab chops the back of Christian. Christian drops the ladder.

    Jwab gets into the angle to start punching Christian in the jaw. He lands blow after blow after blow. Christian attempts to fight back. He ducks under one of Jwab's punches and Jwab turns around. Christian starts with a barrage of his own punches. The crowd is going insane. Christian kicks Jwab in the gut and he puts Jwab in a suplex formation. He hits the suplex on the mat. Christian sits up. He slowly gets up and is keeping one hand on Jwab.

    He grabs the hair of Jwab and yanks him to get up. He takes Jwab by the back of his head..... the camera man gets awfully close. Christian takes Jwab's head and tosses him towards the camera man. Jwab's head bounces off the camera and he is laid out on the ground. He starts picking up Jwab but Jwab pulls on the tights of Christian sending him to the barricade. Christian is resting on the barricade and all of a sudden... JWAB CLOTHESLINES CHRISTIAN OVER THE BARRICADE onto the cement floor.

    It seems that Jwab was hurt more from this. Christian is crawling away from Jwab but stops and gets up to one knee. Jwab is slowly getting himself up. Using the barricade. Jwab is covered in sweat and some blood from his head bouncing off the ring post. Christian starts stroking his hands through his hair and charges at Jwab! He spears Jwab through the barricade!!! A "Holy Shit" chant breaks out. Christian is grabbing his head and arm in pain and Jwab rolls over grabbing his gut. They are both laid out but they don't seem like they plan on stopping. Christian is using the bottom of the steel steps to get up while Jwab is muscling his way back to one knee.
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  3. *The lights transition to a shade of blue, a spotlight hits the stage, and Mr.Smith's theme hits*

    *Mr.Smith walks into the spotlight with a mic in hand, he's wearing an all black 3-piece suit. The crowd is quiet as he starts to talk*


    *Mr.Smith looks towards the ring and waits for them to abide by his orders*

    OOC: I didn't write this yeah.:russo:
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  4. Crowd: We want Ashley! *clap clap* *clap clap clap*
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