Storyline Have you missed me?

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  1. *Lucas Hacksaws' theme hits*

    *Crowd Boo as Lucas Hacksaw heads towards the ring*
    Hey everyone, did you miss me? Well, I don't care whether you missed me or not. While you lot were spending eight hours every single day working to earn minimum wage or earning low benefits, I was on my private beach getting a tan while still earning my high income from the IWT management. As soon as I arrived in this stupid city, whatever it is called, I missed my beach. I missed being alone. I hate people, i'm sure you lot know that already. You probably hate me but you will have to put up with me because I will soon be in the main event of every show, winning championships, beating down all the rookies who dare enter the ring with me or ending careers of legends who were once the best. Some say i'm arrogant but this arrogance will be giving me a high future. I hate making promises but this is an exception. I PROMISE you I will become champion. I PROMISE you I will beat down everybody in my path and I PROMISE you that once i'm champion, I will be the face of this company and you will be seeing my face on every poster, on every advert, on every website and there is nothing you can do about it. Many will disagree but I will prove you wrong. In fact, I am going to start today. If you feel you have earned the right to wrestle me, get your ass out here and explain why you want to attempt to fight me and if I feel you are good enough to even get in the ring with me, I will accept your challenge. You will be seeing me a lot around here so get used to it.
  2. The lights shut off as the music plays. After ten seconds, the lights return to see Chrysalis starring down at Lucas with a grin. On each turnbuckle were men dressed in full black, starring down at Lucas. "You should choose your words carefully dear...because for one that has been gone for so long, even a deceased rat can earn a wrestling bout with you." She says as she chuckles and turns her back to him. "If no one else backstage has the guts to show up and face you, then it shall be me fighting against you...oh, and I must add, you better not make me mad. It would be ashamed if my 'followers' were to take you back to where you came from.'" She said as she turned to face Lucas one more time.
  3. *Jacob comes out with no theme as he heads to the ring. The crowd goes wild as they see Jacob has returned*

    If you want to fight him, go for it but I assure you I'd personally kick your ass right now and then beat him. Why? Because you're another Alliance member. It's not a big problem to me, but you're a big problem to this company. I just came from an injury, and that is your fault. That is the Alliance's fault. And I'm tired of groups like yours. You want to dominate this company? Seriously? Ok, do it by your own. Numbers game won't help you to reach the top and that is a fact. DIY
  4. Chrysalis laughs as one of the men dressed in black takes out something from his cloak, an urn with Jacob's name on it. "Remember that? It's the memorable item I made after I beat you once....if you want to try to fight me again, I am ready to take you down just as swift."
  5. People evolve, and so I did. Doesn't matter if you beat me once because I know I can beat you. But if you want to fight Lucas, go ahead... I'll be watching your match. We may see your underwear again.
  6. Chrysalis throws the mic to the crowd growling at Jacob. "And I'm coming for you after the match again, you fool!" She yelled at Jacob.
  7. This is actually quite funny, there are two solutions to this. We make this a handicap match or we make this a triple threat match. Either way, I will beat down my opponents and claim victory. I am earning my way to the top, not sucking off the management but either way, I will be in the main event picture any time soon. Everyone in this crowd will probably hate me, they will probably get fed up of seeing me but mostly, they will be fed up of seeing their favourite "star" get beaten down and not return to action for a very long time. That is my goal. In fact, it isn't even a goal seeing as it will happen.

    OOC: I don't mind which match you want it but by the looks of it, Chrysalis wants to fight me and Jacob wants to fight Chrysalis.
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