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  1. So does anyone think after the whole thing on raw

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    HBK Getting Pummeled and kidnapped and beatdown again do you think HBK will help hhh win in the end

    What do you think.

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    Alex riley talking about it.
  2. Probally yeah. Shawn really has no one to blame for himself anyways in being apart of this. No one forced him to come out and support Triple H, much less be in his corner during the match. I can see that he would also want revenge on Brock and Paul for breaking his arm.
  3. Shawn Michaels will help Triple H pick up the victory that's for sure.
  4. I think different. He told HHH to get away from him. I wouldn't be surprised if HBK doesn't turn up at all, or if he does, he accidentally costs big nose. I don't know, I don't see him screwing Brock at all.
  5. I thought he was saying stay away from me to the doctors.
  6. He said that too. But he said it to HHH too at one point, I'll rewatch the segment in a bit to make sure.
  7. Okay, thanks.
  8. It's ALL made up its NOT real
  9. He knows mate.
  10. :upset::upset::upset::upset: Wh-what?!?!? NO! WRESTLING IS REAL!!! HOW IS IT NOT REAL?!?! People fight in ring then they wrestle.
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    :finger: Next time you talk to me like I'm stupid, going fuck you up you shit head.
  11. Sadly i do think he will help HHH win. I think they’ve built brock up on raw to be this huge monster just so that triple H will look so much better burying him. I don’t think they would have done the segment last night if brock was going to go over. They’ve made him look too powerful. I think they did it just to feed him to HHH which is a shame. It’s just going to destroy his credibility, and for what? To put over a 40 odd year old man whose career doesn’t benefit from winning that match? Brocks image is being wasted on people who don’t need it just so that vince can make quick money. The real problem why I think they haven’t used brock against any younger talent is because Vince has done such a shit job at building up new talent that it just wouldn’t seem plausible for any of them to be able to beat Lesnar. Im curious as to weather this match will end cleanly or not. I’m going to predict that there will definitely be interference from both Heyman and HBK and that will definitely influence the match outcome (inb4 HBK turns on HHH and causes him to lose). Regardless of the outcome it will definitely be a good match and I’m looking forward to it.