Storyline He Lay's In Wait

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  1. *A camera man appears on the screen, the camera shaking, it seems to be an old half broken camera*

    ????: Ladie and gentlemen this is James Hawkins in the Hollywood Hills and we are looking for the missing Adam Hawk, after teaming with DX in an attack a few weeks ago he has been missing,Oh wait here he is!

    *James and the camera man run up to Hawk's driveway, Hawk is putting garbage bag in the trash can, James runs up to him as Hawk looks confused*

    Hawk: How may I help you?

    James: James Hawkins University Of Hollywood, I am filming an interview for my class and decided to talk about your absence in IWT

    *Hawk pushes the camera away, the camera man falls and the camera stills rolls from the ground, only the legs on both men can be seen*

    Hawk: Now listen, stay the hell away from here, next time you come here both you will be in the hospital

    *Hawk pushes James down in the driveway, Hawk walks off, James crawls over and helps the camera man and the camera up*

    James: Ladies and gentlemen Adam Hawk seems to be laying in wait, more on this story as the days go on!

    *James turns the camera off*
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  2. *James appears on the camera again*

    James: It is now 11:30PM, It is now 6 Hours since we last spoke to Adam and lets try and gather some more info.

    *The camera zooms in, Hawk is sitting on his couch with his feet up, he is handed some whiskey and he sips it*

    James: An unknown figure has been seen folks, handing his a drink.

    *Hawk gets up and looks out his window, he spots James, Hawk throws down his drink, Hawk opens his door and runs after James, The camera man falls and the camera is fliming Hawk, Hawk knocks James down and starts attacking him, He takes his phone, calls an ambulance and stomps on the camera cutting the end of the tape*