Heel Ryder.

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  1. I'm going to be honest, this theme is dope as hell. WHERE ALL MY BROS AT!?

    Would you buy into heel Ryder? Forget the generic jobber middle part he is rocking now. I'm talking Ryder being a monster (look at that 6 pack and tell me dude isnt credible with an upgrade) Who runs through the midcard, and yes i am talking Cody Rhodes. Put him over Ziggler for everything but the PPV (build him well) and he is > Adr's stale generic gimmick while still losing to the stars. KLockard23 do your cryptic shit and let us know what the future holds for the great Zack Ryder. Tell me that theme isnt an upgrade.
  2. The fact is that I'd enjoy watching a heel Zack Ryder. If he someday turns heel he can get a push and defeat his buddy Cena and get the WWE title.
  3. Ryder is never going to be a monster heel, sorry to crush your dreams. I wouldn't mind seeing him as a chicken shit IC champion though, his last heel run was quite entertaining if I remember correctly.
  4. Ryder needs to work on his mic skills because his wrestling skills are average which is why I think he isn't where the fans want him. He's over as all hell, but he's not as talented as some of the people they are pushing. However as a Ryder mark I will say they should swap all of Great Khali's segments for segments with Ryder.

  5. Well, unfortunately, my perceptive/intuitive genius doesn't spread completely into predicting wrestling careers but I'll give it a shot. Ryder will most likely flounder about in the under card doing jobs before eventually being released, possibly even eager for it. I can't imagine a heel Ryder working at all, probably because I'm too used to his Broski gimmick. Or because he doesn't fit to me the intimidating look or the cowardly heel look. He actually does look like he'd be more of the rad type.

  6. I'd love to see a heel Zack Ryder. It'd be something new, and I do love that theme.
  7. Would mark if so. Downloaded the theme right now. Bad-ass.


    Maybe not, like, monster heel. I could imagine his current gimmick (if he has one at all still since he changed his spiked hair for no reason) but more douchey with this theme. "Where all my bros at, put your fists in the air" tells me he seems more like a really douchey frat guy, ahaha. Plus, it wouldn't be much of a change, so he can still keep doing his Long Island Story thingy.

    Or he can just be the embodiment of an online troll. He's the internet champion isn't he? When the fuck is he gonna just bust out the memes during promos? Plus, his entrance is perfect for trolling. I remember a specific time where i laughed my ass off. It was when Sandow was doing a promo and insulting the crowd about their intelligence and then it mid-insult, you just hear "WOO WOO WOO, YOU KNOW IT" outta nowhere, lmao.
  8. and people wonder why you dont get motm votes.

    I cant disagree, but i have to say giving him the same gimmick/limited mic time he could be successful. He is at least an ADR (IMO) in the fans eyes, and people love him. Push him as a heel who can win for 2 months, and the fans will force you to make him face. Also why does he have to fit a look?
  9. That bo dallas move, heel who thinks he is face. He wont be a monster (i think people took what i meant wrong...i mean he should win for a month straight at least, and when he loses still look good) but i do think he is a quality wwe member to be built up like the next christian/y2j (jobber to the stars) and to get to that point, he needs to fucking win/get matches in his hometown.
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  10. :true:

    I still say he should have a trolling gimmick at some point, though.
  11. Ryder should be doing more than he is. WWE is Sports Entertainment the keyword being entertainment as that is what Ryder has in spades. Not great in ring ok on the mic but there is something fans eat up.

    Ideally I say and this could help the division he should be in a tag team with someone maybe Justin Gabriel as with the tag teams being of usually smaller stature he would fit right in. Plus tag teams are where you can create stars sometimes they just work. It puts ppl on tv and stops the random tag team crap we get where they throw ppl together. I dunno probs a pants idea but Ryder is entertaining and Gabriel could be a little spot monkey against ppl like The Uso's so not much to lose.
  12. Anything to get him TV wins or possibly even a title is fine with me.
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