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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Robbie Coletrain, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Well my last account Ma.ttam was hacked by my brother (i hate him) so this is my new account, Crayo can you please delete the old one.
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  2. If you wish I can change the password for you and return the account to you.

    If you just want it closed, then I can ban it.
  3. Just ban it please cos he knows the name of that one now, he just types in the name and finds my name out like that so thats why i put the dot there, he wont know its me cos he doesnt actually look at the threads
  4. Wow, he sounds like a lovely brother lol.

    Okay, I'll ban it now.
  5. Actually, I've just realised, I can merge that account into yours and you can keep the username you currently have. That way you don't lose your posts.
  6. thanks, yeah, hes really good on computers and i didnt really make the password hard to guess so, sorta guess i walked into that one, but now i am better and smarter! :boss:
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  7. Haha, so do you want me to merge it into ColeMiner (excellent username)? You won't lose a thing. Mattam won't exist after that :).
  8. oh yeah, i would be really gratefull, if you did that, thanks mate
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  9. Done. Nice post count. Reps and likes have been lost but nothing I can do about that, I'll help you with a +10 :)
  10. thanks mate, i will just put up my picture and sigs now. IM BACK IN BUISNESS :yes:
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  11. Welcome back, brother.
  12. Welcome back dude. :burns:
  13. Welcome back, your brother sounds awesome. :laugh:
  14. Welcome back sucka :booker:
  15. Welcome back.
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