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  1. Hello, I'm MyFreshShoes. I've been a fan of WWE since I was 9 (I'm 18 now BTW). I also just started watching TNA, ROH, LU, and NJPW. I joined because I want to look for a more positive wrestling forum. Some message boards I joined are really negative.

    Anyway, that's all. I hope I can talk to all of you.
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  2. Hey-yo. Welcome to the forums, dude! This is a pretty awesome place, so I hope you enjoy your stay!

    Good to know you're a fan of ROH, LUG and NJPW. Some of us on here are fans of those promotions, too!

    Sooo... Do you watch NXT, bro? Or just the main roster shows?

    Anyways... Who are your favorite wrestlers from WWE, ROH, NJPW, LUG and TNA?
  3. Hey Prince Balor! Thanks for the welcome. As for my favorite wrestlers:

    WWE: Bray Wyatt, Stardust, Cesaro, Becky Lynch, King Barrett
    NXT: Asuka, Emma, Tye Dillinger
    ROH: reDRagon
    TNA: Drew Galloway, The Decay
    NJPW: Katsuyori Shibata
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  4. Howdy, welcome to the forum. :titus:
  5. Thanks for the welcome, Solidus!
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  6. Welcome to the forum! Pretty good group of favorite wrestlers. I'm also a fan of Emma. :hhhooh:
  7. Good man.

    I like all those cats on that list of yours, especially Shibata, Cesaro and Asuka!
  8. Welcome welcome!
  9. :bodallas: Hello comrade, let us form a unique bond:otunga:
  10. Any Shibata fan is more than welcome on the forum. Hope you enjoy it.
  11. Thanks for the welcomes! I see there's a lot of Shibata fans in here. I hear y'all. :nod:
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