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  1. Michael is standing by a billboard reading "Welcome to Milwaukee". He's leaning against the sign wearing a thin leather jacket, sunglasses, a pair of leather gloves on his hands, and a pair of silk dress slacks. His hair is pushed back, and his chin covered in stubble. He has a cigar in his mouth and a smile on his face. He takes a big buff before standing up straight and dropping the cigar. He shoves it into the ground and blows out the cigar smoke and takes a deep breath before letting out a pleasurable sigh.

    Michael: Here we are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The worst city in the American Mid-West. You might ask why I'm here, and the answer is simple. I'm here to find the roots and background of Aids Johnson. I got some info on his childhood. His elementary school gym teacher, his 9th grade Algebra classmate and his own father. I know my track record with paying visits to other peoples houses is poor, but I guarantee, I won't do anything that shouldn't be done already. Let's walk down this street, in suburban Milwaukee and meet Aids Johnson's classmate.

    Part 1 (open)

    Michael walks down the street and motions for the camera to keep up with him. They run across a small, 1 floor home that has a "Welcome Home" sign on the front door. Michael walks up to the porch, rings the door bell and awaits an answer. After the second try, a short man wearing nothing but swim trunks opens the door. Michael tells him his name, and that they talked before and the man lets him in. The man leads Michael and the camera into the guest room and they sit.

    Michael: Tell your name to the camera...

    Man: My name is Warren Daniels

    Michael: Ok, Warren. You say you were in Aids Johnson's Algebra class in the 9th grade?

    Warren: Yes.

    Michael: What are your memories of Aids?

    Warren: He was a really fun guy. He knew when and where to be a jokester and when to be serious. He was a good student, too.

    Michael: He was a good student? In what, lunch?

    Warren: I'm not sure about much, but I had him in Algebra and he had Bs and As for the majority of the year.

    Michael: So you're telling me that beer swelling bastard was a good student?

    Warren: I'm not sure about now, but then he was just an amazing student and a good friend.

    Michael: Can we go to the kitchen for a second?

    Michael and Warren stand up and walk over to the kitchen, and Michael signals for the camera to follow. The camera catches up to them, and Michael asks for a pan. When Warren grabs the pan and hands it to Michael; Michael smashes it over Warren's head. Michael lays into him with vicious boots to the face. Michael storms out of the house and walks across the street to the bus stop. He sits down and signals for the camera to follow.

    Part 2 (open)
    Michael and the camera get dropped off at a bus stop in-front of Milwaukee Elementary. They walk in, get their visitors passes and they continue down the hall. They enter a lounge where an elderly man is sitting reading a book and wearing a track suit. Michael taps his arm, they shakes hands and they sit down.

    Michael: Hello, tell your name to the camera.

    Man: Mr. Kosh.

    Michael: Ok, Mr. Kosh. I'm the boss of one of your former PE students. Do you recall a student named Aids Johnson?

    Mr. Kosh: Yes, he was a great student. Really active, a sportsman and a locker room leader.

    Michael wrinkles his forehead and his face slowly gets red.

    Michael: So you're saying he's a good athlete? Are you aware the man drinks his soul away?

    Mr. Kosh: We didn't measure his athletic ability, but he was a great guy that I thought had potential to make it big in the sports world. And, I'm not his parent. He's of age and can drink or do whatever he wants. You seem to want me to bad mouth one of my students, Mr. Michael?

    Michael: Are you trying to call me out, when I'm putting your ugly fucking face on my TV? I thought schools teach manners and respect? You lack both of them like that rotten ass Aids Johnson.

    Mr. Kosh: How dare you speak to me like that? How dare you say those words in this building. I didn't ask for you to put me on TV, you contacted me. I'm afraid you'll have to be escorted out of the building.

    Mr. Kosh stands Michael up and he walks Michael out of the building and to the bus stop, where Michael turns around and clocks Mr. Kosh in the back of the head. He stomps away on Mr. Kosh before throwing him through the Bus Stop glass. Kosh is left a bloody mess as nearby neighbors scream in horror. They come to his aid and chase Michael away.

    Part 3 (open)

    The footage begins with Michael, with his hair slightly scruffy and him breathing heavily, standing in front of a house.

    Michael: This is the house where Aids Johnson's dad lives.

    Michael walks up to the door knocks and out comes a man with grey hair wearing shorts and a polo shirt. He welcomes Michael and takes him into the living room. He brings out refreshments, but Michael stands up.

    Michael: Mr. Johnson...

    Mr. Johnson: Yes?

    Michael: I hate your fucking guts...

    Michael cracks the refreshments glass over Mr. Johnson's head and kicks him to the ground. Michael grabs the coffee table and throws it on-top of Mr. Johnson. He lifts Johnson up and lays him on the couch. He rips off his shirt, and hits him with a knife edge chop. Johnson screams in pain as Michael punches and kicks him. He grabs Johnson and throws him head first into the TV. Johnson is bleeding heavily as he collapses to the ground. The police burst through the door, wielding their guns. Michael puts his hands up and he is booked. While being dragged away he yells...

    Michael: Aids, your in for much worse!

    Michael is carried off and put into the car. He is driven off as the camera man tends to Mr. Johnson while the EMTs arrive.

    Epilogue (open)

    A few days later Michael is sitting in his office.

    Michael: I may have felony charges against me, but as long as we never have another Aids Johnson in this world...I'll be perfectly happy. At IWT Survival, we won't even have one. We'll have none.

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