Hello, My Name Is Alias Antonio, And I'm An Addict.

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  1. *The scene opens up with a serene panorama of what seems to be an AA support group building, as an "ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS WISCONSIN" graphic on a screen takes over the top part of said building., covered in snow You can hear a car engine in the background, ergo, the panorama suddenly shifts to the left, as a Range Rover pulls up, with Alias Antonio coming out of the car. He has the title draped over his shoulder, wearing a ripped white vest with a large winter jacket, a beanie, some sunglasses, and some ripped jeans. Alias gets closer to the cameraman, as he asks him with a hellish smirk.....*
    Nailing the addict look, right? Haha, Aids would be proud. Lets go.

    *They then enter the AA building. Alias arrives at the principal room as he acrimoniously and unceremoniously greets the people who are sat in circle way of organization. He takes an empty seat, giving the thumbs up to the cameraman as the session begins.*
    Moderator: The road to sobriety is a simple journey for confused people with a complicated disease. But the first step in overcoming said disease is to fully admit your past mistakes. Accountability is key in this situation. That said, accountability and responsibility is also key in the long process of your recovery. We're responsible for the effort which will lead to an undoubtedly better outcome and life for all of us here. It isn't the load that weighs us down....it's the way we carry it. If we take this on the chin and proceed with our enrollment in this procedure, and withstand all the burdens we may have in order to reach sobriety, we will automatically become brave and go through a complete catharsis of said burdens and problems. All of this said, lets commence. Who wants to start? Based God Darth??

    *Suddenly the camera focuses on Alias, who seems completely aghast and shocked at Darth being here.*

    Darth: Yes ma'am. It's been a very long time since I first came to this support group in hopes to overcome the brutal pressure that came along with being a wrestler, an IWT Superstar. And as a result, I've been a non-stop drug abuser. And today, I admit, I haven't changed one bit.

    *Alias starts yawning.*

    Last night....*starts sobbing*....last night...I snorted cocaine off of a my former employer's ass crack. His name is....*uncontrollable sobbing*....Jonathan. And someone was masturbating while watching, it was Britan....

    *Alias' uninterested expression immediately turns into a HOLY SHIT expression as he rushes up. The other people react disgustingly too.*


    Darth: Alias Antonio, IWT Champion, could that be you?

    Alias: Yes, YES it is me okay. What the fuck, man?

    Darth: Why the hell are you here man?


    Moderator: Simmer down, boys. What's your name sir, Alias? Please sit down, tell us your story!

    Alias: Okay, but that was messed up Darth. I can't get that mental image out of my mind. Fucking messed up.

    Hello people, my name is Alias Antonio, and I am an addict.

    People: Hello Alias.

    I'm an addict to success. I'm an addict to winning. I'm an addict to being IWT Champion. *signals to the IWT championship.*

    Moderator: Yes, that's very well and all, but what are you trying to get at?

    Alias: Give time time dammit. I'm an addict to making people addicts. Hence why I came here today. Hence why WISCONSIN AA regular Aids Johnson is an addict. HENCE why he's not here today. Each and every time I've kicked his ass he's gone more off the deep end, each and every time he's been unable to beat me, he's resorted to the drink time and time again. But what he has is a LIVING problem, not a DRINKING problem. And his living, breathing, walking, talking, ass-kicking problem is ME, the only man capable of succeeding in life from a dark inescapable past without the need of petty, fainthearted, impotent AA programs. There is no magic in recovery. only miracles. And I am a walking miracle, and Aids can't even muster up the strength to walk, let alone being able to stutter the word miracle. Miracles are granted to the strong-willed, and Aids isn't strong-willed. He is an alcoholic failure. And when you sober up an alcoholic failure, all you get in return is a sober failure. Nothing changes. Nothing is ever gonna change. Nothing.

    *The people are left speechless as Alias starts slowly shaking, muttering words under his breath.*

    From weakness comes strength.

    We give it away to keep it.

    We suffer to get well.

    We die to live.

    From darkness comes light.

    From dependence we found independence.​

    I......am The Cure. I am The Cure.

    *The bystanders are still in utter shock at Alias' words, but suddenly he attacks the moderator. He lifts her up, onto his shoulders, and Psycho Drives her into the coffee table. All of the alcoholics run away screaming, but behind Alias, Darth attempts to attack him, but the IWT Champ, grabs a large cup of scorching hot coffee and throws it onto Darth's face. As Darth winces in pain, Alias lifts him up and also hits the Psycho Driver on him. Alias grabs another cup of coffee and starts pouring it on Darth's face, as the camera zooms in on the sadistic expression taking over his face. You can hear the screams in the background. He stops, and starts drinking the coffee himself. Alias laughs, takes a look around the room and leaves, not before kicking the moderator and Darth one final time., still uttering the words "I Am The Cure".*
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  2. I'd like to report Gimmick infringement :kane:
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