Hello to all the newbies from MP.

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Cloud, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Alright lads and ladies. Making this thread to say hi to you all as a unit. So many of u are signing up that I can't keep up if I've said hello or not. So from me and everyone here I hope this mini invasion continues its great to see so many new faces and I hope to see u all around the forums. Take care welcome on board and I hope u enjoy ur time here as much as the rest of us do. Peace.
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  2. Thanks for the warm welcome, Cloud. It's great to be here and I relish the opportunity to be part of this fantastic forum.
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  3. Did MP crumble or something?

    Not that I mind a sexy invasion, just wondering what's up with the massive immigrants.
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  4. WWEF has become the Internet version of Toronto. We accept anyone from anywhere.
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  5. Hey thanks Cloud, I hope our two units can live in peace.
  6. Welcome to them all. Pretty much welcomed them all anyway cause I am so nice.
  7. I was attempting too but I was losing track of who I'd said hello to and who I hadn't so I just created a thread to say hi to them all. Was easier for me and I don't like if possible to not welcome the new members.
  8. With Xenforo it shows your avatar on the left of the topics you have replied to. Should be a good way to know.
  9. Hadn't noticed that one lad cheers for the tip!
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  10. No problem at all. I am a webmaster freak so know a lot anyway :dawg:
  11. LOL I'm useless at all this internet stuff tbh.
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  12. We were supposed to merge with you, but that won't happen now, so a lot of us just signed up over here
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  13. Good to see you all despite the cancellation of the merge.
  14. Welcome to WWEF, hope you all enjoy your time here.
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    Crayo they're taking our jobs! :angry:
  15. :gtfo:
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    jk, do me
  16. Well thanks man. We're easy get along with,well,most of us.
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