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  1. My name is Dan and having no friends that keep up with wrestling I wanted to find somewhere I could talk about things going on and find out what people liked about the superstars. So I found here and I'm going to become a regular member!

    I'm from England and I'm the ripe old age of 21! (Also I could do with a signature.) So yes, Hello :) I look forward to seeing you on the forums. If you have any questions or would like to chat, just message me.
  2. Welcome Dan, it's a great forum. If you like to discuss wrestling, you've found the right place.
  3. Welcome to the site Dan, where in the UK are you from? Cornish lad here :boss1:

    Hope you stick around.
  4. I will do and I'm from Leicester :) east midlands. Personally hyped for Royal Rumble!
  5. Welcome to the forums man, I'm sure you'll have a great time around here.
  6. welcome dan, good to have you here
  7. Always great to have another UK bod on here awesome stuff. Welcome fella.
  8. Welcome to the site dawg. :dawg:
    But...too.much...UK...can't....HANDLE...AGGGGHHHH! :angry:
  9. Hi Dan. I'm Dan as well but you can call me Danny! I see you like CM Punk. Who are some of your other favorite wrestlers?
  10. Welcome dude!
  11. Well my name is Danny too xD! as mentioned, I like Zack Ryder, Sin cara and Daniel Bryan. I do miss Beth Phoenix mind you <3
  12. That's great! As you can tell, i'm a big Daniel Bryan fan. I also miss Beth Phoenix. Stick around. You will love it here. I've met lots of people i'd call friends here.
  13. Welcome to the site, stick around.
  14. Welcome Dan...
    You will spend a great time here, hope you stick with us..
  15. Welcome to the forum.
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