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  1. Hello I'm Aydind,

    I watch a lot of WWE have been since I was a kid and will continue. Glad to be here a looking to post a lot more and stay active. :)

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  2. Welcome to the site, saw you posted news already. Pretty cool for a new user, hope you enjoy your time here :yes:
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  3. Hey buddy great to have you on board. Welcome to WWEF the hone of wrestling and lots of witty banter.

    Who are your fave wrestlers?
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  4. Thanks for welcoming me, probably going to stay active here, loving it here by the way. :)
    Thanks for welcome me, my favorites are Randy Ortan, Edge, and was Batista.
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  5. Used to be a Batista fan myself. Edge obviously as he is one of the greats.

    Currently I mark for Punk and Bryan.

    How did you find the site? An where you from?

    Twenty questions I know lols.
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  6. welcome to the site

    you like good wrestlers but for me i still like Batista
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  7. The sites good I have ideas for the future though. I live in the USA, NY.
    I still do I wish he comes back. :(
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  8. Welcome!
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  9. Thank you.
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  10. Hello Aydind i hope you enjoy your time on here
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  11. Hey bud. Not sure when you started watching wrestling, but do you prefer The Viper or The Legend Killer? Personally for me, it's the Legend Killer.

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  12. Thank you!
    He is such a beast...
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  13. Ideas for the future. :)
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  14. Hey welcome, hope you have fun here :)
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  15. Hello and welcome to WWEF! It's nice to have you here and I hope you continue to enjoy your stay :)
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  16. Thanks definitely
    will! I will thanks you. :)
  17. Welcome to the forums dude!
  18. Welcome to the forums Aydind.
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