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  1. Thanks to HackForums I have came to The Home of Wrestling Discussion. I am 18 years old and my favorite wrestler is Austin Aries because of his past dominance in the independent scene and current run in TNA. I have been a fan of wrestling since the age of four. I will do my best to remain an active member of the site.
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  2. Hackforums, that's different.
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  4. Welcome to WWEF! :)
  5. Welcome to WWEF! Also, what's HackForums?
  6. It actually is a forum for hacking. Came across it years ago at random.
  7. What was your username on HF? That is if you were a member before 2012.
  8. Welcome to the site. Not sure how you found us from Hack Forums now - not advertised there for years. Hope you stick around.
  9. Welcome aboard. Also, who is the backyarder/hardcore wrestler bleeding like a pig in your avatar?
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  10. Welcome.
  11. Welcome to the site
  12. Welcome to the site.
  13. Welcome man, I'm sure you'll have a nice time here.
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