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  1. Hi all, I'm InnerSilence (19). The first time coming here was last night for the ppv, thought this is a new site to join. I've been a wresling fan since around '02. My favorite wrestler is Edge, Brock Lesnar is a close second. My favorite divas are Lita and AJ Lee. =)
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  2. AJ Lee fan, Good man! Welcome to the site! Im sure you will enjoy it here. Any questions shoot me a PM :)
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  3. Hey dude, welcome to the forum. Since Edge has retired and Brock Lesnar is part-time, who is your favourite current active wrestler?
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  4. CM Punk. and thank yall for the welcome
  5. Welcome mannn, glad to have another member.
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  6. Welcome man, I'm sure you'll have a nice time around here.
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  7. also I should have added I'm a girl =)
  8. Welcome! I hope you have a good time here!
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  9. Welcome, I like your choices for favourite Divas.
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  10. Lita is awesome. wish she would return, the divison could really use her right now.
  11. Hello,

    <<< Igor Biscan welcomes you to WWEForums!!
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  12. Welcome sir! Edge is by far my all time favorite as well and same goes for Lita in terms of Divas.
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  13. Welcome to WWEForums. Edge is a dope wrestler.
  14. Welcome to the site. Hope you have fun with us and keep active.

  15. Welcome, girlie! :)) Hope you have fun here! Most of the people here are guys but if you need a fellow gal to talk to, I'm here!

    Nice choice of superstars & divas!
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  16. nice!
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  17. Yo, female moderator in the house! Awesome choice of wrestlers! Hope to see ya' around more! :smug:
  18. It's really nice to meet another fan of AJ Lee! As you can tell I'm an AJ mark lol :)

    Anyway, welcome to WWEF! I hope you enjoy your time here and stay active.
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