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  1. Hello everyone, first off, I would like to say I havn't really followed WWE for long.. Maybe about 2-3 years tops. From what I have seen, Randy Orton is the best person when it comes to mentality.

    I'm from Cali, I'm 24, and I'm looking forward to this Sunday. I'll be watching Wrestlemania 28 through Charter in HD. I also have a Wrestlemania 28 poster too.
  2. Hey Viper, welcome to the site. Nice username :emoji_slight_smile:

    Have to agree, Orton is awesome at looking like a psycho. I hope you stick around here :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Hey Stanford! No flirting!
  4. Thanks, I'll definately try to stick around. I work during the day from 8-5PM, so I won't be on then, but any other time, I'll be getting my wrestling swagger on.
  5. Lmao don't start :laugh:

    Awesome, where you from bud?

    Did someone say swagger :shock:?
  6. He's got the moves like swagger!
  7. I'm from California. Yeah, I like Jack Swagger too. He's a beast..... with Swagger..
  8. I'm mad..
  9. Personally, I can't stand him. Back In his beginnings his entrance looked like he was seizureing
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  10. I'm sorry, want a cookie?
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  11. I do :sad:
  12. @[Crayo] I hate you :emoji_cry:
  13. No, no cookies for anyone except me... How about an rko?
  14. The really funny thing is Johnny's previous username was "RKO" and he used to RKO me all the time. Then someone stole RKO when he moved to Johnny Nitro and now you have Viper threatening to RKO people. So much win in this thread already.

  15. When you get someone like me, this forum is ultimately already a winner.
  16. Ziggler, is that you?
  17. Dolph Ziggler is terrible. He is good on mic though.
  18. You better hope Dolph'sZiggler doesn't see this thread.

    Ziggler is awesome in the ring and improving on the mic :emoji_slight_smile:. Just needs to get rid of Vickie and that god awful theme of his.
  19. Hi there Viper :emoji_slight_smile:
  20. I am perfection! NOT!!!
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