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  1. As seems to be the norm, thought i'd introduce myself.. I be Mr I Mc Hunt. Nothing special.
    I cannot seem to find the option to upload an avatar? Any help would be appreciated..
  2. Welcome to the forums, I'm sure one of the mods can help you out when they see this. Got any favorite wrestlers or favorite Pay-Per-Views? :otunga:
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  3. Welcome to the site. How long you been a wrestling fan?
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  4. Welcome to the site man, I hope you enjoy your time here.
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  5. Go into your account and you should be able to click on the default avatar to change it.
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  6. Hey, welcome to the site, you`ll have a great time here
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  7. Welcome to the site.
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  8. Welcome to the forum broski
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  9. Hi and welcome.
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  10. Haha nice name.
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  11. Welcome :obama:
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  12. Cheers to everyone who replied..
    I've been a fan on and off for years, but due to Raw/Smackdown/Nxt being on Hulu I've found myself getting back into it..
    Fave wrestlers would have to be Bryan and Ambrose.. But like I said, I just now getting back into it.. Being from Ireland (although living in the US), its cringeworthy seeing how Sheamus has become..
  13. When did you move to the US?
  14. Roughly 5 years ago..
  15. Lol glad ya got it
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  16. Nothing **** related ever gets passed me :cole: :tough:
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  17. I like you.

    You a more mature wrestling fan then? What brought you to this site? Who is your fave wrestler? Do you have a fave PPV?
  18. I presume you mean me?
    if not, disregard..
    what brought me to this site? I googled wwe forums.

    Fave wrestler.. Id say Bryan or Ambrose.. But I love Sandows stuff, pity he's been buried. I like the look of Zayn from Nxt but I'm a sucker for hype, which I'm afraid is what's mostly behind him.

    Fave Ppv.. Can't answer.. Never had enough of an interest to pay, but may in the near future
  19. Fair enough. Nice to meet you. Good choice in wrestlers there in my opinion. As for PPV's I cheat and watch em online days after or d/l. I'm a UK fan with no Sky so its the easiest way.
  20. I am sorry. :lol1:
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