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  1. Intro (open)

    Based God Darth: This is The New Generation's locker room and I'm about to interview The Artist on the crushing defeat.

    The door opens as The Artist walks-out wearing a suit and sunglasses.

    Based God Darth: Artist, can I ta-

    Artist: Please, I'm not a character from a 13 year olds little comic book, call me Michael.

    Based God Darth: Michael?

    Michael: Yes, do I need to repeat myself? My name is Michael, and The Artist was the worst piece of trash a mind could conjure. It doesn't matter how you put. Call me Roadster, Roadie, The Artist...I'm not a man to hold characters as a roadblock in my career. I don't care anymore because I'm set out for one thing and that's to redeem my failures and The New Generation was PHASE 1....this...this is PHASE 2.

    Based God Darth: What does changing your name have to do with giving yourself motivation.

    *Michael looks at Darth with with a dead expression before he continues.*

    Michael: You're no good.

    Michael walks towards the entrance area as a new theme hits and the camera switches to a view on the curtain as they wait for Michael to walk out.​

    Promo (open)

    The lights flicker Red and Black as Michael walks out to a pop. As he approaches mid ramp he looks side to side before looking straight up, for a while it look as if Michael is thinking before he shakes his head from side to side as he continues to walk down the ramp. As he hops up into the apron, he looks down as he beats his fist next to his thigh. He sprouts out and screams "The New Generation!" as pyro blasts off in the ring while he has his hands in the air.

    Michael: Like I was saying backstage, The Artist, like every superstar, is a tool bag. When a tool bag doesn't contain tools any don't need a tool bag. Earlier tonight, my opponents weren't in my way nor was Anonymous...the only thing in MY way was MYSELF. I did what I suggested to those two, and that was rethink my career, and I did that and I've walked out of my psych-over as a new man....not as the new and improved Artist, Roadie or Michael. I'm not the bisexual who urges grown men and women to come to his house and play with him, I'm not a country singer who has nothing better to do then call out B.Dazzle. I'm not a sleazy freak who runs around with a big black dude and some stripper he found in Mexico. Who I am is left for YOU to discover.

    Michael roams the ring as if he is looking for something. He watches his feet before he looks up with a glare,

    Michael: I did what I was told to do and that was to give it my all, but it didn't prove any fucking thing. When I step into this ring I do try my best yet The Artist's best is the worst in the spectators eyes, and The Artist may be a lost piece of trash in a dark pit of crap, but Michael on the other hand is a newly refreshed man....that won't take less than great for an answer. My New Generation and I will continue our raid....our STORM will rage whether it be Michael, Christian, Anonymous or...The Big Guy. We are acid to skin here in the IWT, we won't just claw our way up, but end everything below. In with the new and out with the old...In with Michael and out with The Artist.

    Michael waits for a moment before he continues.

    Michael: Rise Up. End All.

    The crowd pops as he throws the microphone down and leaves with his music blaring.

    OOC: I'm not changing gimmicks.
  2. OOC: Dude, seriously. You need to drop the gimmick changes. A big factor in you losing matches at least to me is the constant gimmick changes. It doesn't allow people to get familiar with the character which leads to people rating your material poorly, which I suspect leads you to changing stuff in attempt to improve. Which locks you in an endless spiral.

    A character/name change is also part gimmick change, which I know you say that you didn't do but I still felt that it was proper for me to bring this up. I myself have done a few name changes but only when I feel that the character I am running has been properly established, which lessens the negative impact of the name change. Something that I feel that you don't really allow yourself.
  3. I'm not changing gimmicks. In fact I don't even know what my gimmick is.

    I changed my name because the name I'm using currently is stupid.
  4. Read my add on.

    The name you use is associated with the character and the gimmick. So changing names also have that effect.
  5. But my character was poorly established. I got the name from when I was throwing out even more horrible promos earlier this year.
  6. So work with it. Develop it. Build on what you have.

    When a house gets mold you don't put a new cover of paint on the door.

    Besides. As far as names goes in the IWT, the Artist is far from the worst. We've had B.Dazzle, Gav the Chav, little Lee, Aids Johnson and all of them made silly names work.

    Hell. I spent 6 months competing under the name Alkaline (a type of battery) and I made it work.
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  7. I'm sticking to this name. :obama:
  8. all in all. Going from the Artist to Michael is a massive step down. At least the Artist is unique. Michael could just be any bloke on the street.
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  9. Hey gav the chav is not a silly name
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  10. Artist was taken from The Artist Formally Known as Goldust.
  11. (OOC: Someone else's character)

    (The lights to IWT shut off. Suddenly, music begins to fill the arena.

    (Words appear on the titantron as well, suddenly the lights shinning over a few members of the crowd. Those members, holding signs that have the same words on the titantron.) "A book is a story for the mind. A song is a story for the soul." -Eric Pio

    Everything shuts off. Then the lights return, no music and the members of the crowd holding the sign are gone too.
  12. something to do with TNG? not interested
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  13. k

    (go fish for ratings elsewhere)
  14. But that's what Shadow did. He went from Suicide to Andrew.
  15. And he knows it and regrets it. But he also knows that just changing names again will only further hurt his character. He'll change again down the road once his character has developed more.
  16. The only thing I regret is changing it to such a generic name for a wrestling promotion. It made since storyline wise, and I've kept it as well as the same gimmick(mostly) for year now.
  17. I wonder if Suicide made sense in storyline 2 since ur an emo loooool
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  18. The Artist didn't make sense in storyline or anything. It never made sense, pertaining to my gimmick and what I was doing at the time.
  19. Know your role, jabroni, and shut your mouth.
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  20. @Tsar I don't like you
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