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  1. Joined earlier today but didn't realise this was here until just now. Well anyway, my name is Brad, I'm a young programmer from Liverpool, which is in England and I've been a fan of wrestling for 10 years or so. In terms of hobbies, I like to game, play sports and spend time with family (if that counts).

    It's great to be here!
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  2. Yo, welcome!
    What programming languages are you learning?
  3. Currently, I know HTML, CSS, PHP and a bit of C# but I'm still learning all these as I go along. I'm no professional as I still have so much to learn.
  4. Nice, PHP will earn you good money.
  5. I totally agree. PHP is a language which needs to be learned if you're a programmer as a lot of big programs are coded in it. Making scripts coded in PHP is also a massive money maker currently and I'm trying to get into that but I'm not good enough at it yet.
  6. Yep, lots of freelance work online too.
    Working with java myself, another big earner.
  7. Welcome to WWEF, Brad! Hope you enjoy your stay here, mate.
  8. Agreed. Enjoy yourself here, please.
  9. Heyo, welcome aboard.
  10. Hey Welcome to forums, this is steve..btw dont forget to read rules and hope you will enjoy your stay here.
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