Help the goat out (16 hours)

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Aids Johnson, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. I've been gone and missing everything, and cannot make a status on my phone. Watching summerslam but after not sure what to skip and watch, as I'm missing 2 smackdowns, raw...and impact besides the ppv. What do I watch and skip? Also be on skype at 530am central time stopspot and whoever else. Yes, the champ is back although I still did fedx reads when I got into town. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe:

    No spoilers or die.
  2. That's easy -- watch iMPACT.
  3. Read Fed X, Fed X > WWE
  4. I can't remember much of the Raws, I enjoyed the Punk parts though. Out of Summerslam the only matches I really enjoyed were Ziggler/Jericho and Brock/Hunter.

    Not much help, but the fact that I remember so little probably shows how dull WWE has been.
  5. Just watch the whole thing and skip the parts you don't think you'll like. SS was good though.
  6. Crayo was the only one who liked SS lol.

    don't bother is my advice. do something better with your time. I missed Raw last week and am better off for it
  7. Oh and watch Zigs/Jericho on Raw, that was equally as good as SS IMO. Still a little disappointed they didn't get more time.
  8. How about smackdown or impact, I have. 6-7 hours to chill after breaking bad, I'll watch summerslam and skip, but was impact as good as normal? I'm not looking tO watch filler stuff just wondering what to stop for, dz, y2j etc.

    Thanks for the help team
  9. SummerSlam was SHIT.

    Jericho/Ziggler (the opener :burns:) was the only good match on the show.
  10. Impact has been fine. Did you see Hardcore Justice? More entertaining PPV than SS by far
  11. Where the fuck were you on Skype?
  12. Just saw this thread bro. Welcome back!

    Impact isn't as good as it was (too much focus on Aces and Eights and some other weird little feuds) but it's still consistently a quality show. Hardcore Justice was fucking awesome.

    The first 4 matches of Summerslam were solid but forgettable (other than maybe Jericho/Ziggler. obviously that was good), the three after that were complete suckage... well, people have different opinions on the ME.

    Other than NXT, there isn't much from WWE that you really need to go back and watch. There have been some good Smackdowns, but nothing really groundbreaking.
  13. Word thanks dude. I was out of town, no pc = no skype. Ill be on this week anytime, hit me up. Ill just watch the two tna and dz/y2j. Thanks a lot team.