Legends Championship

What is the Legends Championship?
Legend is an upgraded account on the forum, it gives you access to many new features.

How much is it?
The current prices are:

What are the payment options?
We currently accept PayPal and Stripe for quick, easy credit card payments.

What are the benefits/extra features?
- Purple Legend banner
- Purple username
- Set custom username icon
- Change custom title color
- Remove all ads and the adblock notice
- Edit custom title
- Access to Legend members only forum
- Change username freely
- Bypass all flood/spam checks
- Delete your own posts
- Lock/unlock your own threads
- View who replied to threads (click the reply count in thread listing)
- Upload double size avatars (1.5MB)
- Create 20 gallery albums (vs 10 for standard membership)
- View last read date for conversations and set yours as private
- Send conversations to 50 members at once (vs 10 for standard membership)
- Store 5000 conversations (vs 500 for standard membership)
- Use conversation auto response
- Kick members from existing group conversations
- Additional signature space including more images and links
- Delete your profile posts/status updates
- Wager $1000 on betting events (vs $500 for standard membership)
- Delete own messages in the chat
- View banned chat users
- Join 10 chat rooms at once (vs 2 for standard membership)
- Use colored text in the chat
- Disable all username icon animations
- View who voted on polls and for what
- Hide poll results until poll is finished
- Create private bets in the betting exchange
- Create up to 5 bets in the betting exchange (vs 3 for standard membership)
- Tag user groups
- Receive emails on alerts
- Create custom chat commands
- Receive full message text in email notifications
- Double posts won't get merged

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