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  1. Medals

    1. Enthusiast

      Given to users who contribute great posts in the wrestling section very often.

    2. Best in the World

      Only for members of the highest quality. 10,000 posts required and other undisclosed requirements.

    3. TNA's Biggest Fan

      Given to highly active and helpful members in the TNA section.

    4. Jokester

      Make us all laugh to get this one.

    5. Bright Spark

      You made a great suggestion which was implemented.

    6. Extraterrestrial

      You're a bit strange...

    7. Live Chatterbox

      Week after week you are contributing to the live discussions.

    8. Ranter

      Positive or negative, you love to rant.

    9. Friendly

      You're a friendly guy/gal, this is for you!

    10. Gamer

      Active in the gaming section/has an impressive collection.

    11. Geek

      You know too damn much!

    12. Cookie

      You did something really nice for someone, so here's a cookie.

    13. Big Spender

      Available for $7500 forum cash. Transfer this to Solidus.

    14. GOAT

      Given only to the very best members of the site.

    15. Hall Of Famer

      Given only to members inducted into the hall of fame.

    16. Donor

      Given to members who donate $20 or more.

    17. Member of the Month

      Given monthly to the member of the month.

    18. Addict

      For posting 100 times in 24 hours.

    19. Wrestling Junkie

      You watch any and every brand.

    20. Sporty

      You're very active in the sports section.

    21. Intellect

      Given to high quality members in the serious topics and debates section.

    22. Artist

      Awarded to 3 time winners of our PPV poster contest.

    23. Triple Crown

      Awarded to those who have won 3 predictions contests.