Storyline Here comes the Pain

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  1. *Lights shut off entirely, some camera flashes from the crowd remain, the music hits and lights starts to flicker with the beat*

    (starts at 0:13)
    *Pain comes comes out about 10 seconds later, slowly walking to the ring as the lights settle down return to normal, he gets into the ring by rolling under the bottom rope, looks at the crowd and smiles, heads over to the other side and is given a mic and the music fades away*

    *there are some small pockets of cheers and boos but most of the crowd remain quiet, Pain looks around, with a sly grin on his face, taking his time as he walks to one of the turnbuckles climbs one and sits on top of it*
    "So this is IWT..."
    *crowd erupts with an IWT chant, Pain just drops his head and starts shaking it, the grin never leaving his face*
    "Most of you don't know who the hell I am, some have seen me wrestle in the indies, some of you hate me, some of you don't, very few like me, but anyone who has ever seen me in a ring knows that I put it all out there, each and every night. And that is why that one person in particular earned my respect at Mania, and that person is Bruce Knight."
    *crowd erupts with a Bruce Knight chant and Pain starts shaking his head again*
    You guys will chant anything wont you?
    *crowd starts chanting ANY - THING earning a nod and Pain gives them a small applause*
    As I was saying... Bruce Knight came out here, everyone telling him he can't do it, but he. did. IT. He won the IWT championship in an amazing match, then moments later he defended the championship in another Match of the year award worthy bout. And that to me, is the ultimate statement.

    But I am not here to marvel at Bruce Knight, I am here to make my own legacy. I am here to make my own statement and trust me when I say this... I WILL leave my mark.

    So right here, right now, I am throwing down the gauntlet. Anyone in the back, if you are watching, and let's face it, you are all watching, I am issuing an open challenge, there are no titles on the line, no contracts no careers, nothing, but if you step into this ring, into this twenty by twenty warzone that we call home... against me, you can expect a match like no other.

    There's a war coming this way, there's a storm brewing, so all I have to ask is... IWT *pauses as he looks around the arena* are you ready?

    *drops the mic and the music starts up again as he gets down from the turnbuckle and heads back*
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