Storyline Here I am. (Brawl)

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  1. *The arena lights transition into a shade of gold, and mint green lasers emit from the stage as Jack's tron and entrance song take over. This is all met to a really nice reception.*

    *At the 00:18 mark Forté makes his way through the curtain, looking worse for wear. A black eye inching past the edge of his shades, and his arm in sling being two of the standouts. Not only that, but he's also clean shaven. And yet he's nonetheless garbed in his ring attire, even his title is being held by his good arm. Instead of being secure around his waist, expecting a fight. Jack makes his way down the ring, stopping for nothing. He enters, signals for everything to be cut, and waits for things to cool down.*

    1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. Ready or not, here he comes!

    Forté turns his attention to the stage, and waits for Bishop to ambush him. He waits a couple of seconds before refocusing.

    Ah, come on. I thought we were playing hide and seek, you were it. Oh, oh, I get it! You only come out when I'm not paying attention, just like everyone else. Either that, or you send your guys after them. Just like you did to Fargo, except they failed.

    And honestly, I didn't need to come out here. I see you, Bishop. And I see Fargo. And you two are going at each others throats, just to see who goes after me. And I can't lie, I have been enjoying this. But while I could've sat back and let you two rip each other apart, I wouldn't have found much fun in that.

    The thing is, I'm supposed to be hiding in my house. In beautiful Nevada nonetheless, hope you're still there when I come home, Fargo. And I'm supposed to be hiring guys, to protect myself. Instead I'm here, by myself. I didn't hire anyone, and not because I forgot to. I have people in the back who would stand beside me without money. It's because I don't need to. I'm done being blindsided.

    Jack places his title on the ground.

    I'm in this arena, Bishop. And so are you. Joey was easy to attack because I was the last person he fought. Even if he came back he wouldn't have been the same. I won't be so easy, even injured. So. Get. The. Fuck. Out. Here. Now.

    He briefly pauses.

    Ready or not, here I am.

    Forté flips the mic and holds it like a weapon. He focuses on his surroundings, and just waits.
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  2. Oops, @DK James. Had an entirely different idea, but I felt like it would go over better as a segment.
  3. *After about 10 seconds of Forte waiting in the ring, Bishop walks out onto the stage to no music but instead loud boos. He's wearing a hoodie and khaki pants and he got a mic in his right hand and brass knuckles on his left hand. He doesn't wait for the crowd to calm down and instead raises his mic almost immediately.*

    "What up, Champ?!"

    *The crowd boos and Bishop laughs before raising the mic again.*

    "Y'all still don't understand, huh. I ain't hire nobody, anyone I got with me is with me cause they wanna be wit me. They got respect for me and I got nothin but love for them, like I said, we like family. They do good for me, I do good for them, that's how shit works where I come from nigga. Those boys I sent to fuck up Fargo earlier did what I told them to do, find that lil bitch and show him we ain't fuckin around. Unfortunately Fargo saw the shit comin and was able to get out of it and in a strange way I respect the dude for it. But once again he fucked with my family, so next time he gets a fight it's gon be with yours truly, and he ain't crawlin away this time that's fo sho."

    *He pauses and slowly begins walking down the ramp towards Forte.*

    "You ain't seein the bigger picture here, dawg. Fargo jus got caught in the crossfire, I woulda left the dude alone if it weren't for the lil shoutout he gave me. I woulda watched him beat yo ass for that title and had no problem wit it, it ain't only the gold I'm after, naw."

    *He gets to the ring and hops up on the apron and walks under the rope. The crowd boos him as he steps a couple feet away from Forte.*

    "I been showin this company what I'm all about, I ain't just about the gold and money, nigga. I also already built up quite the track record of beatin the FUCK outta y'all."

    *His expression suddenly turns to anger as he steps another foot closer to Forte and raises his mic again.*

    "As much as I want that gold you're holdin, I mostly just want to make yo life miserable. I knew from the moment I first saw you that you're nothin but a fake and imma be the one to expose shoulda stayed down after I laid yo ass out at Survival, boy--"

    *Out of nowhere Bishop connects to Jack's head with his left hand, the hand that had the brass knuckles. The crowd boos loud as Jack falls to the ground and grabs his head. Bishop looks down at Jack at his feet then up at the booing crowd and laughs before aggressively standing Jack back up. He lifts him up into a suplex position, looking like he's ready to hit the FOH, but Forte knees Bishop in the head and manages to get back on his feet and out of the grasp of Bishop and the crowd cheers. Jack backs up and bounces off the rope and goes to tackle Bishop to the mat but Bishop evades him and throws him under the bottom rope towards the announce table. Bishop rolls out of the ring and begins stomping at Jack laying right against the announce table. He picks Jack up quickly once again and throws him hard into the barricade to loud boos.*

    *Bishop takes a breather and paces for a couple seconds while saying "I ain't done with you yet, dawg" before lifting him up to his feet again. He gets a running start with Jack's hair in his hand and goes to launch Jack over the announce table but Jack reverses. He throws Bishop and he goes flying right into the chairs behind the table and falls hard to the floor. The camera zooms in on him and he's grunting and holding his ribs in pain.*

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  4. Forté signals for the announcers to get out the way, and they oblige. He rounds the table to retrieve Bishop, but Bishop had a monitor in-hand. He rams it into Jack's ribs reeling him back, providing space between the two. Bishop quickly ascends the announce table, runs off it, and connects with a wicked flying forearm. Him and Forté both crash hard on the thin outside padding to a huge negative reception. Bishop gets up first, stomps and curses at Jack some more, and goes to get a steel chair.

    Forté is up to one knee now when Bishop returns. Bishop stands him up, leans him on the turnbuckle post and yells: You gonna have to vacate that shit when I'm done with yo ass dawg!
    Bishop swings the steel chair with all his might at Jack's head, but he ducks at the last second! Bishop let's out a loud scream and drops the chair as the impact's vibration hurt his hands. As he turns his attention back to Forté he's met with a roundhouse kick that just levels him, sending him to the ground. Jack picks up the steel chair, unfolds it, and places it by he apron parallel to the stage. He picks up Bishop, brings him to the chair, and sits him in it.

    Taking Bishop's brass knuckles, he puts them on his good hand, and cracks him for good measure to a good pop. Forté exclaims: Don't. Fucking. Move!
    Jack re-enters the ring, runs the opposite ropes, and hits a devastating step-up senton to Bishop! The crowd chants 'holy shit!' as both men crashed through the chair, equally hurt.

    A couple of moments pass before either even begin to stir. Forté and Bishop both make it to one knee, and they just start throwing bombs back and forth. Bishop gets the upper hand as they're standing back up. He wipes the blood from his nose and rips Jack's sling off, starting to hammer into his injured arm. Bishop assesses his surroundings, and hits a wicked T-Bone suplex into the steel guard rail on the ramp! Forté lands bad arm first and writhes in pain.

    Bishop takes Jack by his hair and leads him up the ramp. Looking at the edge of the stage Bishop makes a gun with his hand signaling the end, and tries to whip Forté off of the stage. Jack collapses mid throw and seem to have gone limp. Bishop tries to pick him up, but it's mostly dead weight. He gets Forté up to one knee, and Jack nails a low-blow on Bishop! Jack tries to pick Bishop now, and Bishop does the same to Forté!

    Both take a moment to recuperate. Jack wipes blood from his mouth and stands up. Before he can make a move Bishop rams at Jack, picks him up and runs the both of them off of the damn stage! A large gasp is heard throughout the crowd, as both men just took a crazy fall.

    The cameras try to rush over to the area and see what has transpired.
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  5. *Bishop and Jack are both left laying on the floor writhing in pain as the crowd is very loud with a mixed reaction of excitement. Bishop tries to stand up to his feet very slowly but can barely get halfway up before falling back to the ground. Meanwhile, Jack has grabbed onto a crate and has pulled himself up. Bishop looks unconscious as he lays on the floor, not moving at all, the most vulnerable he has looked since joining IWT. Jack notices this and limps over to Bishop and slowly lifts him to his feet.*

    *Forté knees Bishop in the gut a few times before wrapping his arm around his neck and Jack looks like he's about to DDT him on the concrete but Bishop shows signs of life and reaches up with his arm and pokes Forté in the eye. This causes Jack to release Bishop and Bishop takes advantage of this and limps quickly away from Forté to the backstage area behind the curtain and the crowd boos. Jack notices Bishop slipping away and proceeds to chase after Bishop as a camera crew follows close behind.*

    *The scene is now a long, narrow hallway and we see Jack doing his best to run towards Bishop who is halfway down the hall, not looking like he knows who's behind him. Jack catches up to Bishop and taps him on the shoulder which causes Bishop to turn around. Bishop looks like he's seen a ghost and says " fuckin kiddin m--?!" but before he can finish his sentence, Jack hits him over the head with a strong right hand, causing Bishop to stumble backwards and he falls onto a table of food, making a mess. Forté notices a wooden plank leaning against the wall next to him and he picks it up and swings at Bishop and hits him right in the arm, causing Bishop to scream in pain and fall to the floor right at Jack's feet. Forté is breathing heavily standing over Bishop but Bishop begins to crawl away very slowly, barely moving.*

    *Jack bends over to pick Bishop up once again, but Bishop throws his arm back and hits Jack right in the head with steel cookie sheet that he managed to grab off the floor without Jack noticing. Jack immediately falls backwards onto the ground and Bishop sees this and stands up as fast as he can and sprints down the hallway limping, finally evading Forté. All that's left in the hallway is a mess of food and objects and a beaten down Jack Forté, who is slowly coming to and trying to get back to his feet.*

    *The camera cuts and shows Bishop, now in a different hallway, still limping as fast as he can away. He is breathing heavily and holding on to arm and he looks up and notices the camera in front of him.*

    "Fu--....fuck dat shit, man........fuck!"

    *He winces in pain and pushes his way past the camera man and turns down a corner, leaving the scene for good.*
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  6. Damn, that was beautifully coordinated
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