Politics Here is why I refrain from voting

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  1. because it doesn't matter lol. Politicians don't give a fuck about what you or I want.
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  2. The president is a figurehead.
  3. I'm not just talking about presidential elections. All of them are pointless
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  4. we are anonymoose
    we are legion
    we are deh 1 percent

    Grow up. Vote. It DOES matter. Don't listen to some homo erectus on YouTube, go out and vote. Oh, and Stand [with] RAND pls.
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  5. lol if you want to waste your time voting go for it.

    basically if you are voting you are saying the system isn't broken. I feel the system is very obviously broken so why should I play along? If everyone would just wake the fuck up and admit this shit isn't working we could go from there. As long as people think voting for dick A over dick B makes a difference the gov't will just chug along like it does.
  6. George Carlin is nothing but a psuedo-intellectual, ex hippe.

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  7. One of Carlin's best quotes: So when you're having one of those swell elections that you like so much...on that day I will be doing essentially the same as you...the only difference is when I get done masturbating I'll have a little something to show for it.
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  8. Hicks is awesome as well. If you want to shit on Carlin though I honest to god don't know what I can do to keep myself from hating you.
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  9. If you don't vote, you also have no right to complain. The two party system sucks ass no doubt, but seriously, not voting at all is just letting them bend you over the table, penetrate your virgin asshole, and take you for everything you've got.
  10. Nah, the public will never get what they want.
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  11. Again, if you think voting for Politician A over Politician B is going to improve your quality of living, go vote my friend.
  12. not with shitty attitudes like this.

    It is a long ass journey but it all starts with step 1
  13. You believe government is the highest of power? Not me. They are all lackeys.
  14. Can I ask why you don't think voting matters at all? You do understand the difference between say...Clinton getting the democratic nod, and Bernie Sanders getting the nod, right?You're close but you're not there. There's good candidates out there that aren't 100% corrupted, it's your job to vote for those said candidates.

    Even if you think it doesn't matter man, taking votes away from a Wall Street stooge is still taking votes away from a Wall Street stooge.
  15. + with social media, Twitter, etc, there's a chance that candidates that are generally under the radar get some exposure through memes or what have you. That sounds retarded but if you can get young people into someone, have said person trending, it generates buzz.
  16. I believe the people with money are the highest power, and that is who the gov't answers to (though politicians are often times the ones with the money as well)

    swing, not sure I even want to bother discussing with you after the way you started the thread with trolling, just being honest.
  17. Young people are easy to manipulate. Brainwash them by using their hip lingo and you're in business.

    So, the 1%. You think there's a divide and conquer type deal going on? The poor and less educated are the easiest to fool and the most likely to mindlessly follow, they need "change" more than anyone else. Government helps us a little, and fucks us over a lot. They hide things really well though.
  18. "Democracy is just a filler for textbooks! Do you actually believe that public opinion influences the government?"
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  19. Why didn't I think to post that. Good quote.
  20. That's cool man. Kind of ad hominem lol, but its cool.