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  1. *The camera crew is following Joey Bryant to the back as he walks back frustrated after his supposed "Qualifier match" which he won by forfeit.*

    Camera Man: Joey, I know you wanted to prove yourself out there to Aids Johnson and all the others in the Elimination Chamber match but unfortunately that did not happen as Eric Draven never showed after you poured your heart out in that ring. What's going through your mind?

    *Joey chuckles and runs his hands through his hair as he gets to his locker room. He sits down on a bench and grabs a towel and throws it over his shoulder.*

    "I don't want to sound completely arrogant but a win's a win. I'm just waiting for some nobody to call me out and say it was a fluke but the outcome was completely out of my control. I was ready to take down Draven, I had that match won before the bell even rung."

    *He pauses and begins searching through his bag and pulls out a tape. He hands it to the production crew.*

    "Play this tape. Next time you see me will be when there's gold on the line."

    *The tape is labeled "To my buddy, Aids" as the backstage footage cuts off and the tape plays.*

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  2. So..Joey Bryant has a gay crush on Aids?
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  3. Wouldn't that make for an amazing storyline? This entire time Joey didn't want the gold... just Aids. Hahahah.
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  4. What I understood from it.
  5. Take this in however way you want boys. Joey Bryant has a gay crush on the gold.
  6. Aids better prepare his anus....... I mean title.
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  7. Draven no showed? Sir Lee was right at the Rumble after all lolol. ;)
  8. Really though this was supposed to be Joey just playing a joke on Aids hahah, never would of thought people would actually think I was turning him gay hahahahah.
  9. Oh....okay..

    *pulls pants back up*
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