Storyline Hey Boss Pt.2

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  1. James Dragon barges down the hallway, his obnoxiously bright silver rave shirt flowing behind from the speed of his march. He passes Will Savat leaving Michael's office, the two stare tensely for a few moments before Dragon continues into Michael's open room, slamming the door shut behind him.


    "I think the two of us need to have a little chat."

    Dragon gruffly pulls back the chair in front of Michael's desk and parks himself. Staring a hole through his employer.
  2. Talk.
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  6. Dragon sneers.

    "Gladly. Ever since I've got here, you've done nothing but disrespect me. But frankly, you've outdone yourself this time around. Putting my first match in the tournament against a Joker wannabe. Now, booking me in Retribution against some no-name jackass. You have balls Mikey, but in trying to prove it; you've made a very big enemy."

    James leans forward, glaring intensely at Michael.

    "I am giving you. One. Last. Chance. To make it up to me. Otherwise, I'm going to be forced to do something that will make you wish you'd shown me the respect I deserved the second I got here. See, I'm not another one of those idiotic ****s who use cliche'd catchphrases or make foolish jokes and pop culture references. I am the pinnacle of entertainment. GODDAMMIT I AM ONE HUNDRED PERCENT POLISHED STEEL AND SEX APPEAL!"

    "So I am demanding, that you give me a bigger opponent for Retribution. Not only that, you knock that painted assclown from the tournament and move me to the next round, considering you and I both know it's a formality that is a waste of my time."

    Dragon relaxes back into the chair, his general arrogant demeanor returning.

    "You'll do this, Mikey. Otherwise this adorable company you've been allegedly building up, is going to get burned to the ground."
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  7. Michael stares at James, and slouches back in his chair. He strokes his chin and taps his foot.

    Michael: I honestly do respect you. I respect the fact that you're here, but I'm not gonna let you come in here and try to push me around. You've been here for a few weeks, and you think you have the power to order me around? Get your head out of your ass, and go scrub the mats. Come back to me when you actually do something worthwhile.
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  8. James' smile fades. He grips the arm rest of his chair and gives Michael a death glare.

    "That was stupid, Michael. That was very stupid."

    Dragon stands and walks towards the door. He glances back at his boss.

    "After Retribution, I want you to look back on today and remember. I gave you a chance to keep this pissant company running."

    Dragon shakes his head and leaves, slamming the door shut with a thud behind him.
  9. Michael looks at the door with pitiful anger. He calms down and thinks a bit before standing up, walking to the door and places his hand on the door knob.

    Michael: ...Forget it....

    Michael looks at the door, once again, with an arrogant smirk and goes back to his chair and gets back to work.