Storyline Hey Boss

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  1. [Will Savat barges into Michael's office]

    >Savat: Hey!

    [Savat then begins to mock Michael by singing in a folk voice]

    >Savat (Singing):
    Here he is. The man with the power. Who makes himself champ

    >Savat: How you been boss, or is it champ?

    [Savat waits for Michael to begin to reply as he interrupts him]

    >Savat: Anyway. I'm here asking for my talk show. You know, the World Class Weekly? I will take various quote on quote, stars, and interview them during the shows.

    I can't wait to start, oh and you are dealing with the budget right? I do need a set after all, can't have IWT looking bad now can we eh?

  2. Michael: You want a talk show? You got one. And don't flatter yourself, we're making more money than ever. So be happy, get out of my office before you're forced to get out with a pink slip.
  3. [Savat smirks at Michael meticulously as he then turns his attention to the IWT championship propped up on Michael's office, the Best in the world runs his fingers over the gold]

    Oh I wouldn't dream of causing any commotion. Take care boss!

    [Savat walks out of Michael's office and purposely leaves the door open as he walks down the hallway]

    >Savat: Take care of my title...
  4. The camera lowers and shows Michael secretly disposing of a pink slip, and letting out a sigh of relief.
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