Storyline Hey cocksuckahs (an introduction)

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  1. *Chip comes out to a generic heavy metal theme as he head bangs his way to the ring, having a shaved head it doesn't look very impressive*

    FUCK YEAH!!! It's Chip baby!

    So this is IWT huh? What's it stand for? I Want Tea or sumthin'? *snicker*

    In a case you didn't know I'm hilarious! I've got the best sense of Houmah. All these cocksuckahs are gonna see that I'm a sick fuckin puppy. *starts head banging and making guitar noises*

    I saw a guy named Aids Johnson in the back. Who's his father Herpes McGillicutty? *snicker*

    I also saw lord Ovalhead, I guess King Squareface was taken? *snicker*

    Anyway I think I've wet enough panties for one night, Chippah out!!!!

    * Chip tries to drop the mic in badass fashion only to have it bounce off of the mat and strike him in the groin*

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  2. The best thing to happen to the IWT since, Senhor Perfect left.
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  3. lmfao i love this character already.
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  4. I think I know this guy IRL
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  5. I'm confused lol
  6. Dolph'sZiggler? What are you a giant pecker or sumthin'? *snicker*

    Home run Chipperson!
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    *Reagan is watching backstage*
    Reagan: this FTJ 2.0?
    *Reagan Facepalms*
  8. I legit can't not crack a smile when i say cocksuckah! so damn funny.
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  9. Honestly reminds me of my dad, he used to spout that shit whenever he got frustrated at something. Hit his hand with a hammer - cocksuckah! Car breaks down - cocksuckah! You get the gist of it I'm sure
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  10. *snicker* You're dad sounds hilarious like me. Hey! Maybe he's my dad or sumthin'! My muddah always told me, "Chippah, you're a chip off the old block!" Maybe your dads cock was that block or sumthin'!
  11. Could be, who knows?
  12. Shut up COCKSUCKAH!!!!!!
  13. How about "Its raining like a big dog!" He used to say that too lol.

    Awwww (open)
    I miss my dad :((
  14. That don't make no sense!!!
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  15. Thats what I used to think too!
  16. My muddah always used to say, "Chippah, it's raining pussies and bitches out there wear your rain condom!" What a lady :yay:
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