Hey everybody

Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Niggaswag, Jan 2, 2013.

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  1. hello everybody
    i'm new here... i guess


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  2. Welcome.....
    :urm: my hands are down
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  3. What a fuck head.
  4. Not comfortable calling someone NIGGA, tbh.. Are you black?
  5. Top marks for originality here mate.
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  6. Closed. Tell your brother if he wants to join he has to follow our rules.
  7. *puts hands up* :woo1:
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  8. hey up welcome to the site
  9. Dear sir, do you know what a "nigga" is? Let me enlighten you,

    Nigga is a term from the word *****. The word, "*****" was used to degrade our ancestors(assuming you are of African descent) by calling them ignorant, stupid, and lower then their masters. You tell the ignorant and stupid people to raise their hands, and of course you expect us too because you have fallen into the ignorant mindset of society. No sir I am not a "nigga" I am not a negro either, I am a proud African-American. I am proud of people who stood up, for the men like Elijah Muhammad who built strong men like Malcolm X, who would later learn that not one race is better then another, but that we are all equal. For people like Rosa Parks who was sick and tired of being pushed around, and even dared to ask why she had to be treated as she was. And many others like Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther King Jr., and many many more.
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  10. I should be on that list tbh :true:

    edit: I'll go ahead and assume that I'm in the "etc" :obama:
  11. Omg I know right.
  12. My hands aren't up, but they want to be.
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  13. My hands are in other places
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  14. My hands aren't up and won't be up, welcome!
  15. :finger:

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  16. *Hands go up*
  17. Welcome! :DD

    *hands go up*
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