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    Hey everyone. I'm not new here, but it has been a very long time. I was known as Mizfit on here, then I left and back after a long time with a new name. I've been watching wrestling fan since I was 3, I am now 23. My current favorite wrestlers include The Shield, Daniel Bryan, Big E Langston, John Cena, Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes, The Usos, Antonio Cesaro, AJ, Naomi, The Bellas, Kofi Kingston, Goldust and Sheamus. I also watch the indys from time to time. I enjoy promotions such as PWG,ROH,Chikara, PWS, FWE, Shimmer, Shine, Evolve and DGUSA, and looking for more indys to watch! Nice to meet you all. :)
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  2. Hello there! Welcome back!
  3. Haha quite the list of favorites :)
    Welcome back I suppose!
  4. Welcome back :tough:
  5. Welcome, enjoy your stay.
  6. Hiya, welcome to the site enjoy your stay.
  7. Welcome back. :)
  8. *plays welcome back kotter theme* welcome back welcome back welcome back
  9. Hey welcome back then. I didn't realize you had been here before when I suggested you com e make one of these threads.

    Man, you look so much like someone I used to know but haven't seen in forever! You're too young to be her though I think. So weird.
  10. Did you say miz? AWEEEEESSSOMMME
  11. Welcome back.
  12. Welcome back!! :woo1:
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