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    Name: Josh
    Favourite Superstar & Why: My current would have to be Dolph Ziggler. The reason why is probably the same reason everyone else likes him. He is talented, and he sells the product to the best of his ability.
    How long I've been a fan of wrestling:Since I was probably 5 years old
    Favourite Wrestling Company: World Wrestling Entertainment (Federation)
    How did you find the site? The wonderful world of Google.
    Will I be active here: Most certainly.
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  2. So many ziggler fan's are joining! Welcome to the site! :emoji_slight_smile: you'll fit in well here.
  3. I hope I fit in as well! Thanks for the reply.
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  4. Ziggler sucks IMO. Welcome to the forum.
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  5. :kiss: Thank you sir.
  6. Misleading title, was expecting thread about Blurred Lines.
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  7. My mistake for the misleading title. Though, I could skype you and sing it with a little bit of tongue action from my Miley Cyrus doll for you as recompense.
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  8. Omg... you are perfect for this forum lol!
  9. lol great welcome thread so far.... okay so welcome.. I hope you enjoy your stay here but if you don't it's all your fault. :burns:
  10. Welcome to the forum, enjoy your stay.
  11. Awww, 'preciate it guys. You fellows are so nice. :yay:
  12. Hahah I like you already. Your avatar made me laugh. Welcome.
  13. Thank-you sir. Glad to be aboard.
  14. Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy your time here!
  15. Welcome broski! :emoji_slight_smile:
  16. Well you will have no problems fitting in here.
  17. Thanks all for the nice welcome. I really do appreciate it.
  18. Welcome, Crankdeer.