HHH expected to focus more on tag-team division and less on Divas

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Aug 16, 2012.

  2. The Triple H Era is about to unfold and by the sounds of it, It's going to be a good era. :boss1:
  3. If they change up the tag-team match script, then this sounds fantastic. Paul Levesque, you're the man.

    When can he take over Smackdown?
  4. That's great that he's going to put more effort into the tag team division.. but i wish he would still put effort into the womens division. He doesn't even have to be the person to put the effort in, get some good writers to do it.
  5. Why not put someone else in control of the women's division? That why someone can focus mainly on that and it'll surely improve. Glad they aren't getting models as Divas though. As for the Tag Team division good, I want to see the tag team division mean something again, and I'm sure Paul can do it.
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  6. Very nice, if they change the match script and it gets some more focus, perfect. Also good to note they're not hiring models anymore.
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