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    *Sir Lee is sat in an office, wearing a blue Suit as always, with a focused gaze towards the camera lens*

    Sir Lee: Hi IWT, just here to make this cute little promo because apparently I need to cut these so that I look like I care and so I can get booked, annndd.... because there's something I really want. So yeah....

    Today, I want to discuss the IC title that is currently held by the Janetty of the Dazling Chavs; I would have then said his name in a really dramatic voice but I actually don't know what it is. I assume Dazzle or something like that, which would explain the corny and borderline gross and grotesque name for their tag team.

    Listen Dazzle; You little over hyped, lucky, ungrateful little worm. You are like all these wastes of space in Britain and America, leeching off our precious economy as you have everything handed to you, requiring minimal work from you in the process..... WELL YOU MAKE ME SICK! YOU MAKE ME ANGRY! YOU MAKE ME HATE THE WESTERN WORLD!!!

    That glorious piece of gold that covers your waist; The IC title, is what I need.... RIGHT NOW, and it needs me. When you have one of the most classiest men in the IWT without a title, that's when you start to beg the question; Why is society so backwards? In a capitalist society, you are supposed to only get WHAT YOU EARN! But Dazzle hasn't 'earned' shit, he won the title from an demotivated commoner, who forgot he was even a part of this company, let alone IC champion, and the tag titles, he can thank management for making me giving him and his scummy friend that 1-2.....-3, And those luscious tag belts you have already ruined with your bland personality and resentful appearance.

    Our IWT management is a bunch of socialist marks who love giving people 'equal chances'. BULLSHIT; Natural selection, that's what the IWT should be. Just look at the IWT Royal Rumble, it is....The biggest....monstrosity...I HAVE EVER SEEEEEN. It is another example of IWT management trying to give the 'working class' of the IWT a chance. Fuck them, just like in society, people who are on the threshold of living standards might as well DIE! The Royal Rumble is a joke and greatly represents the issues of the IWT!!

    So before I digress further ladies and germs; DAZZLE, I want your belt. How will you respond; accept it, or back down and continue to let that belt rot in prestige, as it decays around your grubby hips? C'mon Dazzler, make the choice the fans want, the fools you try so HARD TO APPEASE, just to justify your existence as a human being on this godamn earth!!!

    *After talking for so long, Lee takes a deep breath, then licks his dry lips, keeping them moist, and also as he eagerly anticipates the response of his target, Sir Lee cracks a sadistic smile, confident he will be getting what he wants.*
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  2. @B.Dazzle

    Incase he doesn't see this thread for some reason lol.
  3. OOC: I'm already booked for a match at the slammys, but if/when I win, the next title shot is yours.
  4. OOC: Yeah I am facing Dazzle, if I win you get the first shot bro.
  5. What about my rematch?
  6. After that
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  7. chill. we all know you are going over
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  8. :smug:
  9. If you win, I wouldn't mind a triple threat.