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Discussion in 'The Ramp' started by Jackson, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. Hi, I'm Jackson. 18 years old, been watching wrestling for around 7 years now.

    Enjoy all sorts of wrestling, WWE, TNA, ROH (although I don't get to watch much).

    I'm a graphic designer also and yeah.

    Happy to be here.
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  2. Welcome dude, quite sure you'll have a great time around the forums. I assume your favorite wrestler is CM Punk?
  3. Yeah for sure, looks like a great forum :emoji_slight_smile:

    And yeah one of many favourites!
  4. I've never seen that Punk shirt. Is it new?
  5. Hello,

    <<<<< Celebrated footballer Igor Biscan welcomes you to WWEForums, a quality place to discuss wrestling!
  6. Welcome to the forums! <33 Wishing you'll enjoy the company we'll be offering you! :woo:
  7. Hello and welcome to WWEF! I hope you'll enjoy your time here and stay active.
  8. Typical welcome post :emoji_wink:

    Hehe kidddding! Haii! thanks!

  9. You're welcome! :emoji_slight_smile:

    So who are some of your other favorite WWE and TNA wrestlers?
  10. Uhhmm.. D-Bryan, Orton (on and off, tends to vary depending on his storyline at the time), The Shield (specially, Ambrose and Rollins), The Usos (they're working their way up my list of faves), AJ Lee (Sexiest crazy bitch ever, plus she's just fucking cool) OH fuck and 100% Dolph Ziggler, such a Dolphin :emoji_wink:
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  11. Hi and welcome to the forum.
  12. Welcome to the site. I hope you enjoy here.
  13. Welcome to the forum :emoji_slight_smile:
  14. Oh shit dude, I'm kind of one myself! Awesome to see another designer on here! Welcome! :smug:
  15. Kind of one? Haha should show me your work dude!
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  16. Well, I just don't enjoy boasting. I guess I don't give myself credit sometimes, lol.

    Here's my thread when I use to make signatures. I've taken a long break from it. I've been thinking about doing them again, but I'm not sure. You can see some of my work on the first post as well as throughout the thread!


  17. Nice work,I'm sorta dabble in Graphics Design as well. I'll request something from ya soon.