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  1. Thunder cracks across the sky yet all that can been seen is the river of fire and bodies slowly making their way across the plains of Hell. Stood locked away in a cage is the dark side of Spawn, wearing the mask still. On the other side stand the good side of Spawn.

    [Evil Spawn] Why have you come back here? Have you finally understood that you have no future without me? Do you see how your ways make you weak? Or have you come running back to me begging me to help you put Dat Kid away for hurting that girl? Haha. It's true isn't it. You really do care for her...

    This is worse than I thought... Your little joy ride in my body needs to end soon boy. Without me doing the fighting you are going to get us both killed. You can be willing to die over some mortal, but I sure as hell am not. You need to get your fucking ass back in this cage and let me fix this mess before you make it any worse. Are you listening to me?!!

    The good spawn unfolds his arm after he has heard enough of what his dark side has had to say.

    [Good Spawn] Of course I care for her. I care about everyone. Unlike yourself. You call my trust and compassion a weakness yet I know its what you have longed for. I felt every second of the loneliness you felt. I saw your dreams and your wishes. So don't act you are better than that. You simply can't be bothered to care for anyone can you. The only person you care about is yourself, which is exactly why I am not letting you out of here.

    Evil Spawn hisses in an evil manner at the words of his other self.

    [Evil Spawn] You are a filthy fucking liar boy! I am inside you too. I know you love her. I can taste it in the air. It's why you are in such a bad mood. Isn't it? Sure you can lock me up in a cage for having a temper, but you attack a man and his woman from behind? You fucking hypocrite.

    You think you are better than me but you are just as evil. You will never be pure and good hearted. You are an outcast just like me. I know you will come running to me. Begging for me to take your place once more. You are weak without me. I am the one who got us this far and now you ruin all my hard work. Maybe I should just kill you and save myself the trouble.

    [Good Spawn] Go ahead. I know you are all talk. You wouldn't ever threaten your own existence like that. I'm ready to die. I'm ready for you to die.

    Evil Spawn lunges his arm out of his cage trying to grab his other sides throat.

    [Evil Spawn] So you want to hurt the man who attacked your love? Is that it? I think you forget that man happens to be Dat Kid. Last time I saw him, he was stretchered off after I snapped his neck between my knees. I knew I should of slit his fucking throat or something. I must say I didn't expect to see him walking around here again though. So if you are not here to let me out. Why are you here? Hmmm

    Ohhhh.... I see...

    Evil Spawn lets out an evil cackle as he paces up and down the cage.

    [Evil Spawn] You want me to tell you how to beat him don't you. You fucking pitiful creature. Begging to me for help. You bring us shame. I am not telling you anything until you let me out again. Why don't you let me deal with him. I can put him out for good this time. He would never be able to touch your pretty little Ingrid ever again. Is that what you want? Should I kill him for you. Should I make him scream and suffer. Should I make him pay?

    The good Spawn doesn't reply. He simply stands there and crosses his arms once more...
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