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    *The crowd gives off some light cheers and Joey Bryant walks out on the stage again. He reaches the ring and grabs a mic from ringside. He has a straight look on his face as he looks straight into the camera.*

    "You know, I'm sick of being ignored. Actually, ignored is not the word. It's mostly my fault. I came out here last week looking for a match, and ALMOST had one, until it was called off. I've finally adjusted. I'm ready for a match. Just in the last 3 days I seen multiple new guys show off and are already being handed matches. Hell, I'm not even on the MITB card but hey, again, my fault. So I'm going to make this short and sweet. Whether it's Adam again or someone else, I want someone out here right now. Face me in a match. Warm me up..."

    *He waits in the ring for someone*
  2. *The Cure walk out.*​
    *Jwab Atom, Ben Dover, Mystical George, and Alias*​
    Jwab: The Cure will answer that challenge. We will decide which one of us faces you. Maybe me, or maybe you see the debut of Mystical George. Maybe the debut of our resident Pornstar. Ben Dover. Who do you want? But still...we decide.​
  3. *Watches closely backstage*
  4. "Oh you guys are clever, huh? A bunch of comedians? Alright. I'll agree to your terms. You pick my opponent, you pick the match. I'm up for a challenge."
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  6. *Watches closely backstage along side Kid.*
  7. *Ben Dover eagerly reaches for a microphone*

    Ben: In case we haven't met Josephine, my name is Benjamin Alberto Dafydd Dover and I work as a pornstar. You're a lucky kid because right now you are talking to most #dench people you will ever witness; let alone interact with. Your desperation to have a match is your eventual downfall; You're out of your depth against such talented, determined, intelligent athletes.

    Phone your mummy right now; Tell her to:
    • Prepare the talcum powder and calamine to care of your boo-oos
    • Her lips; not to kiss you better, but because I'm ready to play her at some tonsil hockey
    • Annnnnnd... Prepare her body because she's been casted to be in my next porno!
    Payment is very handsome so she can buy you some decent attire and get into wrestling school!
    You are plauged with Mediocrititis! Don't worry though, we're here to cure you!

    *Ben Dover subtely smriks with the right face, a menacing look in his eyes as makes direct contact with Joey*
    *Dover is met with a raucous reaction, a sea of disapproving boos attempt to drown The Cure, but they are immune to the crowd!*
  8. *Jwab laughs at what Ben Dover said*
    Jwab: You know what Joey, It looks like the challenge came to you. It's Ben Dover vs. Joey Bryant....in a Street Fight! You ladies have fun.
  9. OOC: Alright, we could probably do this after TNA tomorrow. That'd be perfect.
  10. OOC - Don't see why not, you will have to do the first promo though because by the time TNA ends, it's like the early hours in Britain. I'll do my first promo on the Friday morning when I wake up.

    OOC - Best of luck by the way bbe. :)
  11. OOC: Oh hahah. Alright. Sounds good then.
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