Storyline Hide And Seek

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  1. *The scene opens up backstage right after IWT Vice where a camera is halfway peaking into a locker room and you can hear a conversation coming from inside.*

    "Y'all hear that shit, right?.....this fool out in the middle of nowhere thinkin he hot shit, talkin behind a camera like a bitch, he really don't know what he's doin, we gon show him somethin, ight?"

    *The camera peeks around the corner a little bit more to reveal Bishop sitting on a bench talking to a couple other men. Both of them black males, with one wearing black jeans and a black tanktop and the other a Detroit Pistons jersey and also black jeans. Bishop is wearing his ring attire, leaning back in his chair looking up at both of them. He notices the camera and points at it.*

    "Ay dawg! I see you nigga just get in here and stop creepin like a fool."

    *The camera man abides and walks into the room and stands a couple feet away from Bishop and his affiliates.*

    "Now that you're here, I hope y'all saw the absolute slaughter of "I Got Beat by Ryan Davis and Bishop". Needless to say, I'm on a roll. In case y'all not been following along, I showed up at IWT Survival and took out two champions and den I made my mark on Warfare by takin out Joey Bryant. That right dere alone should put me right at the top but I jus added one more body to the list by beatin that fool without even breakin a sweat. I got a perfect track record right now but yet there's still shit to be done."

    "I come back here after doin what I do best and turn on my TV to see that nigga Scott Fargo runnin his mouth from halfway across the country. Maaaaannn, please. You were drivin a pretty nice whip there, boy, what was that a 65? I bought one of them years back and took it for a joy ride once but I haven't touched the shit since because unlike you I got other options. And to that you'd probably say some bitch ass shit like "See, that's another prime example of Bishop caring about nothin but money, he's just some rich guy with a big mouth, blah blah blah" nigga shut cho mouth, did you not fuckin see what I did to 3 separate current and former IWT Champions? You ain't shit compared to them and you ain't shit compared to me, nigga. I might got the money but I got the ability to fuck you up too, jus go visit Joey Bryant in the hospital and ask him."

    *Bishop pauses and runs his hands through his hair and turns his attention back to his two buddies. He daps both of them up and looks back at the camera. He chuckles before speaking.*

    "I hope y'all didn't think I was playin when I said I had goons ready to pounce. Call me a pussy or whatever you want but these are my boys. We grew up together on the streets of Detroit, if it weren't for dem there'd be no Bishop and vice versa. We brothers and we don't take kindly to threats and you'll find that out real soon, boy. These ain't my only boys either, we a pretty big family, I got brothers all round the country not just in Detroit. It ain't our goal to just terrorize anyone we see, nah, we only strike when the bloodline is threatened and you fucked up now."

    *He looks at the two men and begins speaking to them directly.*

    "This what we gon do, listen up. Now I know we said we wasn't gonna do this but I'm sayin fuck it, I ain't lettin that chump talk shit unless he's sayin it to my face and I can do somethin bout it. Y'all go catch the next flight to Nevada and you go find that nigga. If he ain't in Nevada, go to Arizona, if he ain't in Arizona, check Cali. I don't give a fuck where he at all I know is this boy needs to be taught a lesson and I ain't got the time to go all round the country lookin for this nigga. I know y'all will get it done, let Scotty boy know we don't fuck around."

    "Imma stay in the arena and keep my eye out for Mr. Jack Forte. No one's seen the dude since I fucked him up at Survival so he bound to show up here at some point. I took his ass out on my own before, I guarantee imma show him what's up again. Maybe this time I'll injure him so badly he got no other choice to give me that gold. Let's get this done, boys, this is how we start taking this company by storm, by takin out the niggas that don't belong."

    *The goons both give Bishop a nod and both shake his hand. Bishop whispers something in one of their ears before they both walk past the camera and out the door. Bishop stretches his arms and cracks his neck and stands up.*

    "If you boys are listenin I hope y'all got eyes in the back of yo heads cause we comin for you. Y'all both can hide all you want but before you know it, you'll be wishin you never put my name in your mouth. Peace."

    *Bishop walks past the camera and out of the locker room as the scene fades to black.*
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