Storyline Hirax soons to prepare for MITB

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  1. Robert is sitting at home in his bunny slippers and red robe. He sips on some coffee and sets it down. "I fucking hate coffee." He mumbles while reading the newspaper. One of his butlers come over to him.

    "Sir, you seem to have an opponent for Money in the Bank." The butler says.

    "Who's the sorry pansy ass bitch." He says with a laugh eating a chocolate poptart.

    "A woman by the name of, Victoria Parker." He says.

    Robert nearly chokes on the poptart, spitting it out. "OH GOD NO NOT THAT PSYCHO BITCH!" He says, running to his room.

    The butler sighs, following Robert. "Sir....what are you doing?"

    Robert is seen in his red polka dot boxers, putting on some combat pants, boots and the rest of the clothes while on the phone. "I need to get her ass out of there, only one way to do so! TO THE ARC!!"

    "Sir, that's for the mentally handicapped." The butler says.

    "Oh I know, I'm going to beat the shit out of my uncle then go look for files on Parker." He says, running out of the house and into a car with the local mafia. They drive off as the butler sits down. He takes a sip of the coffee and shudders. "I hate coffee..."
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  2. OOC: So I can book the match then?