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    Last week, EC3 introduced his new bodyguard to the world. His name is Tyrus. Tyrus has already established himself as a HUGE force, literally and figuratively, in TNA. Prior to coming to IMPACT, Tyrus was a high-profile bodyguard for celebrities and athletes, including Snoop Dogg, and before that was a stand-out college football star.

    This week, we saw the team of ECTyrus team up and win their quarterfinal match in the Tag Team Tournament. In anticipation of next week's match, IMPACTWrestling.com caught up with Tyrus to learn more about this mammoth addition to EC3's entourage.

    IMPACTWRESTLING.COM: Congratulations on winning your first-round match in the Tag Team Tournament! Being new to TNA and in a new partnership, do you have any concerns going into the semifinals next week?

    Tyrus: Ha! Concerned for the well being of our opponents. That's about it. We're focused on domination. Spud was no challenge, he's a guppy in a big pound. We're the sharks and the whales... we're the big fish.

    IMPACTWRESTLING.COM: Can you explain your relationship with EC3 and Dixie Carter?

    Tyrus: Our relationship is simple. I can describe it in 3 words: Dollars-N-Sense.

    IMPACTWRESTLING.COM: This isn't your first time protecting a high profile personality. Tell us about your previous bodyguard experience.

    Tyrus: I have been the top bodyguard in the world for quite some time. I only work with mega-stars; people like Snoop or J-Lo, that level of clientele. They want the best. They want to feel safe and secure and I am the one who can provide that. Now, my services are being used by EC3 and the Carter family and I promise you, had I been in NYC this summer, Dixie Carter would not have gone though that table. Things are going to change in TNA now that I am here.


    What sort of IMPACT can we expect from Tyrus in TNA?

    Tyrus: TNA is not my mission or concern, I don’t work for TNA. I work for the Carter Family and my mission is to keep EC3 safe and undefeated. I have no records, no goals… I simply want to cash the large checks from the Carters. I am here to beat, destroy, injure, intimidate and end careers, if necessary, if anyone stands in the way of any member of the Carter Family. The Carters pay me to do what I love: hate everybody - and I get paid well.

    Make sure you catch Tyrus in action on Wednesday's IMPACT on Spike TV. He and EC3 have a semifinal match in the Tag Team Tournament and the show starts at 9/8c!


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