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    The Cure theme hits to a massive pop. Lights begin flashing around the arena and the crowd stands up in awe. The crowd cheers and starts chanting for Oval, Aids and George. The entire theme runs and it fades away. The crowds enthusiasm settles down, but the crowd continues watching the entrance ramp. When suddenly...

    Michael skips onto the stage wearing his gear and a Cure tank-top. The crowd boos so loud, Marcus Anthony heard it in Phoenix. Michael struts to the ring whipping his wet hair back and arrogantly grinning at front row fans. He steps into the ring and grabs a microphone.

    Michael: As the time approaches for a final bell to toll on either Aids or my quest to be IWT World Champion leading into the Brand Split era. I wanted to lay the last glimpses of Aids' career to rest. I've been hearing The Cure get thrown around a lot, lately. I figured it died years ago when everyone apart of it either went on to greater things or faded into obscurity. However, it seems like I was wrong. I'm here, essentially, to grab the old dog by the throat and lay it to rest. I will not hear of The Cure, anymore.

    Michael takes off his tank top and acts as if he's going to throw it into the crowd, but decides against it and throws it out of the ring.

    Michael: The Cure is very close to the heart of Aids Johnson. That and his constant "I draw" argument. His dead parents are also close to his heart, but obviously not close enough for me to go and beat the piss out of them. The only thing left for that old dog, is the IWT World title. The title that he claims will make him the absolute legend, the pinnacle, the measuring stick, the man of the IWT. I urge everyone to see what's wrong with this. We have guys like Jack Forte, Alias Antonio, Alexander Hightower, Gato Volar, Chris Young and Danny f'n Jacobs...and this man wants to be known as THE man in IWT? The same man that almost put this company 6 feet under, for good...wants to be known as the man to put it on the map? Here's a few names for ya, Joey Bryant...Christian, Farooq, Victoria Parker, Britannica...Dat Kid. They helped this company just as much as you, but the difference is...they know not act as if they did it alone. They know that it was a joint effort. You, don't know that. You don't want to know that. You refuse to know that... I will make you know that.

    Micheal catches his breath as a few fans applaud his speech.

    Michael: I will put the old man down, take his pride and crush his legend. I will do to you, what you've done to many. I will do it for the betterment of the IWT. I will do it for all those that you've ignored. But most of all, I will do it for the IWT World Championship. It will not face scrutiny. It will not face embarrassment. It will, once again, be glorious. Much like The Cure, history will repeat it's self at Survival...and Aids Johnson will go down for the count, at MY hands.

    Michael throws the microphone away, chuckles and leaves the ring to his music. The crowd boos and applauds at the same time.
  2. You used Jwab & David's tron when they where with Kid. And Zach was never in Cure as far as I know.
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  3. Can't find their theme. So that will do. And AID told me he was.
  4. Theme was some 30 Seconds to Mars song, at least Jwab's was. They didn't have an official tron. And nah, OG Cure is Jwab, THG, and Oval. TNH was a minor side and George was a singles guy.
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  5. I don't recall Zach being involved in the Cure, or me telling you he was TBH. It was me, george, TNH, THG, David, Oval, and i'm forgetting someone.
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    Told me in the chat yesterday bby. So drunk can't even remember his lies.

    EDIT: Apologies. You said Jwab, not Zach.
  7. JWAB was in the cure, he started it and got things running before getting the big boot.
  8. The commentary staff is shown backstage with Aids Johnson, asking for a response to the newest promo by Michael, and his claims. Aids snatches the microphone right out of the hand of Sven, motioning him to walk away.

    You talk and talk, and talk some more Roadie, but the difference between you and I, is I step up and win when it matters. For months you have sent me soft opponents in order to grow the IWT to where it once was, and now that things are looking up you seem to be jumping the gun.

    Let me spoil it for you Roadster - You lose, you try the same bullshit and put an uphill battle against me....and I win again. This isn't the summer of Cure, this is the Year of Aids. You are nothing but a 2nd rate wanna be, putting your ego over what is best for business. You are no Alias, you are no Dat Kid, you aren't even Jonathan - the HoF doesn't have a place for management like you.

    Here is your opportunity to claim a victory over a champion you seem to have lost hope in. I can't promise I send you home in one piece, but one thing is certain. The Champ. Is. Here.

    *Aids swipes the Cenation "cant see me" brand before walking away from the camera.
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  9. love you to bbe
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  10. 5 more days. You might become 1x IWT champ.
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  11. or I become the longest reigning champ in compuoy. I get to pick my next opponent.
  12. After you beat either THG or Tumbas, hot shot.
  13. I pick my opponent, remember? I'm going to beat you and make sure the next champ is as active as me.
  14. Somebody call for the champ?
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  15. #1 Contenders match is happening at this show to determine the next contender. Spawn or Alias are next in line. Pretty sure this was done before the "I book my matches" deal not sure, but it was done a while ago.
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  16. Draw.
    Sounds like a win/win to me.
  17. Thought you were just touting how you were gonna go through THG/Spawn and Nick this summer bro?
  18. I was planning on challenging THG, didn't see the #1 contenders deal, but that works.
  19. They may come for you, but they stay for me.
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  20. It's in Aids' best interest to fight me if he retains.
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