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  1. Farooq is shown in a college classroom, having stuff written on the chalk board and in a suit with glasses. "Now...I don't want to have to mention this during my match with...Joey Bryant or Harriet Vargas, so let me remind all you young talent and new viewers, just who the hell I am."

    Day 1: I challenged for the IWT title, and lost along with every competitor to Gohan.
    Day 2: I challenged for the US title, and become IWT's first US champion.
    Day 3: I was stripped due to inactivity.
    Day 4: Challenged for the WHC title at Wresltemania 1, even though I didn't earn it.
    Day 5: Returned and defeated one of IWT's superstars.
    Day 6: Won the Hardcore title.
    Day 6: Won the Million Dollar Title, yes the same night as the Hardcore title.
    Day 7: I became the first and only man to hold four titles at the same time, then created the X Division.
    Day 8: Won plenty of wins, and got challenged by one of the members of the Cure.
    Day 24: Lost the match, and of course IWT management never allowed me to get my rematch. Fair.
    Day 25: Left IWT to pursue a successful movie career.
    Day 26: Returned to defeat Aids, Trip and other superstars.
    Day 27: Won a couple more matches and joined the Order.
    Day 28: Challenged Gohan to a match at Wrestlemania, as a personal vengeance for him defeating me in THE first match in IWT.
    Day 29: I beat Gohan, defending the Hardcore championship in the process.
    Day 30: Now I'm putting my career on the line, for the most valuable championship in the company, as well as defending the Hardcore title that night.

    Farooq takes off his glasses, holding up the book that shows his career. "Now class...time to learn something new today." He says as he takes the book, and chugs it out the window, breaking the class as the students gasp. "History. Means. Shit. In. The. Ring. When you step into the ring, you prove who you are at that moment. It doesn't matter if you're new, veteran, champion, challenger, hall of famer, jobber, when you step into the squared circle, you fight like your life depends on it. It's what I do. Win, lose or tie, I put my heart into my fight, and that's why I have the most successful record in IWT. Not because I brag about my rights or think highly of myself, because when I step into the ring, I see another thirsty wolf, wanting to be the alpha male. I fight like a wolf, to defeat a wolf. The mentality of a warrior is in not in my head, but in my heart. Fighting, is what I'm best at. And if Joey Bryant or Harriet Vargas think they can stop me, well, then you better bring your fighting game. I'm not Nick and I'm not Forrest, I won't go easy. I'll give it more than 100%, and neither Aids nor the Church can save you, from this sin." He says as he walks out of the classroom.
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  2. *Trip in the head is seen watching Farooq's "lesson" on a tv in a dark room, the light from the tv illuminating his face as he grins.*

    TRIP: So he thinks he's better than us now. That ingrate just tells us when he is going to leave The Order of Night!? WE decide when and if you leave.....alive. Ain't that right fellas? *Trip says as he turns around and looks behind him at the many dark figures standing in the darkness* And now he wants to talk shit about me and the rest of you, in case you didn't notice. Does anyone here have anything they'd like to do about that? *Trip gets up out of the chair and approaches one of the figures, eyeing him up and down* Are you going to "go easy" on him like he seems to think you usually do to others? I don't believe that shit for a second. You are the newly crowned champion of a division HE created long ago. Why don't you show him what the X-division champ is capable of now? GO! *Trip says to the figure as he points to one side of the room. The shadowy figure steps forward just enough so that we can barely see Nick's face in the dim light from the tv as he smiles. He turns and leaves the room as Trip turns back to the tv and sits down once more*

    TRIP: No one in the IWT believes it yet, but the night WILL befall them all. And soon. Heh heh heh.
    *Camera goes black*

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  3. A camera begins to follow Nick as he exits the room and walks through more dark halls. He speaks to the camera as he walks down the halls.

    "You mention my name and associate it with going easy... Maybe you need to get your eyes checked, because Harriet Vargas barely escaped with her life at Extreme Rules! When you and Alias ditched The Order, everyone was wondering, who could possibly replace them? But when they got me, i think everyone knew I was no replacement. I was an upgrade. And you have the nerve to insult me? I'm gonna make you pay Farooq. I don't care if it's in a match, or if I have to find you and beat you like I've done everyone else before me! I'm going to find you wherever you are Farooq, and I'm gonna hurt you. You will regret what you've done, and you will give in to The Order."

    He shoves the cameraman down, and the video ends with Nick running down the hallway, searching for Farooq.
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