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  1. Good to see IWT is running as smooth as ever.

    Oh wait. :21-1:
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  2. I mean, if you think you could do a better job, go for it???
  3. I mean.... I was... for like 18 months? :dawg:
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  4. Plans for a show are coming together. Thanks to me.

    No offense Aids, but you're inconsistent af.
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  5. FSW! *clap x3*


    @Dat Kid you flying faggot
  6. You did such a good job that GM was taken away from you.... Don't bother acting like you were a success, you were just as shitty as AIDS has been.
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  7. +those 4 months where we got no updates when every show was halted.
  8. Oooo pissing contest, nice
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  9. IWT is turning/has turned into TNA.
  10. nice thread m8

    bye again
  11. It's no co-incidence that things started to go downhill under me as soon as Aids wanted me gone/started to interfere in shit and that right now it's bad.
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  12. TBF pretty much everyone had given up by that point
  13. And the worst thing to do is for the leader to give up, as well. Chain reactions are what led us to here. When the guy running the shit goes blank, so does interest and reviving it will become harder and harder.

    That goes to both you and Aids.
  14. Solely blaming him is BS. You were the one who sat by and let it get in such a state. He hasn't improved it and nobody is claiming that.
  15. Not true. If it was that way, no one would stand up trying to revive the company. Just go back and see how many people wanted IWT back. You guys just gave notice and never returned. I can at least respect that Aids tried to make it work again.
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  16. I see no one blames me yet. I feel I should share some of it at least
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  17. Because we all know Jono was calling the shots, even when you were 'GM'.
  18. That's debatable but I see your point
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  19. I'll run a reunion show if i get 10 people for the card
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  20. ayyye let's kick ass @Zach
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