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  1. I Haven't seen any promo battles in a while.
    I would like to set up a few matches this week, even if they are non-title.

    So who would like to battle? :gusta:
  2. What about you vs Jonathan? GM vs GM on why your brand is better than the other one :otunga:
  3. I would probably get smashed by him. I'd imagine I suck at promos and would only get pity votes. :pity::dawg:
  4. It's Wrestlemania season. ALL BUILDING UP YOU FOOL!
  5. It's all for fun, you'll never get better if you don't try.
  6. Well, what about making a Crayo vs Xhant?
  7. Here's the gist

    Crayo: Xanth is fat
    Xanth: Crayo is a Cornwall wanker

    Then they "snog" and have sweaty man sex :true:
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  8. :hmm:

    @crayo vs @xanth What do you guys say? :gusta:
  9. I guess so. I'll take on any challenger then. :boss1:
  10. If you want you can face me, almost nobody knows me
  11. I don't know enough about you and vise versa. I honestly wouldn't know what to say. lol :dawg:
  12. I'm almost new, it would be a really easy challenge for you LOL. We almost don't know, but maybe the unique thing you should now about me is that I don't quit if I have to face someone...
  13. I know very little about you though to take shots at you.
    Maybe in a few months we will have a dispute over some title or match. :obama:
  14. Ok, when I become the Cruiseweight champ we'll fight :otunga:
  15. :yes:
  16. :woo::woo::woo: YOU KNOW IT
  17. I'm down for a non title match before my match with Aids
  18. :hmm: now to find a challenger...
  19. :rock:
  20. :obama: sounds good to me.