Holding this company hostage

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  1. Yo, I'm holding the company hostage, yah here me? I've been gone for a while and I realized, like for real... this company is going down. As in Bikini Bottom down. So here I am again to save the day.
    Eric Maven, come on out here. Or lets make it better, Generation sex, come on out.
    Also, FUCK IWT!
  2. *Dat Kid watches backstage* Your world heavyweight champion ladies and gentlemen
  3. *shakes head*
  6. :notsure: if CM Punk or really Kevin Steen
  7. Y'all are just haters sippin on that Gatorade . Yah here me!
  8. I beg your pardon young child, must I bring out my beatboxer Shabalkaline?
  9. Somebody in need of a beatboxer?
  10. Hit the beat!
  11. Hit the motherfucking beat bum dish bum budda dush

    Once there was a man named Christian C
    His title reign looked stronger than an oak tree
    But still no one cheereed
    Nor did they boo
    They just held their nose as he smelled of piss
    This is the truth not even a diss
    You smell so bad even vickie Parker says no in her replies
    And she's laid on top of all the other IWT guys
    Even when she saw FTJ she said oh hell yes

    Christian is one smelly mofo sweaty as can be
    His new name should be shitty c
    It represents both his matches and his aura
    If the smell doesn't kill you he sure will bore ya

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  12. Don't be mad
    Don't you cry
    CM Punk will win and I'll tell you why

    You run your mouth
    with zero game
    Even your whack ass rap was lame

    You've dissed on me before
    said I was A hick
    You just mad, cuz you ain't got a dick

    U Can't SEE ME
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  13. Oh hell no tonto
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  14. This hostage situation that our world heavyweight champion goes deeper than you all or even he thinks. In fact our hostage taker here isn't even in full control of this situation. He isn't aware of the strings being pulled on him by the invisible pupeteer behind the scenes.

    But I will reveal this conspiracy! The deeper I go the bigger the impact will be.
    #Britluminati #JonaMasons
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