Holland's kind of Christmas

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jose Tortilla, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. Yeah.. We've got something different here.

    It's called Sinterklaas and he has a gang of helpers with him


    It's celebrated December 5, so it's soon.

    The problem, I do not know what to ask..

    It's a kind of tradition to ask small gifts so you have a ton of shit to unwrap..

  2. Those helpers are freaking scary as man!
  3. Yeah, they're just white guys dressed up with black make up.

  4. I know think thats why it scares me. Reminds me of an old tv program over here the black and white minstrels and it scared the hell outta me as a kid when my rents showed it me lol!
  5. :laugh: Hahaha

    But.... I still do not know what to ask. :downer:
  6. Something small, like how small?
  7. DVD's, CD's always a good one.

    Books? Comics?



    Thats some of the smaller items I usually get!
  8. If you want something small you should ask Santa for a small key to a large toy factory. :otunga:
  9. Good ones, Cloud.

    Yeah I'm looking for a small gift.

    It's something we do here, you get a small gift from with a low price, and you wrap it into something you create out of yourself.

    Like apart from the other gifts you get.
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