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    The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the X-Division and Hardcore championships...

    Hollywood Jwab (@Hollywood Jwab ) vs B.Dazzle(@B.Dazzle )

    The rules are as follows:

    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit to the amount of promos you can post
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the promo period has expired.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC AT ALL. Do not post "backstage/ringside" comments either.

  2. OOC: Again, sorry guys. I dragged my ass out of bed to do this though.

  3. *The fans let out a loud pop as B.Dazzle's theme hits the speakers. Then they pop even louder as B.Dazzle walks out from behind the curtain. He stands at the top of the entrance ramp and looks out through the crowd of fans. He begins signalling that he's the next X-Division/Hardcore Champ, before making his way down to the ring. He walks up the steel steps, walks across the ring apron, and then climbs up to the middle turnbuckle. B.Dazzle once again looks out to the fans and then raises his arm to a pop. He climbs down, gets in the ring, and walks across to the other corner. He climbs to the middle turnbuckle, and raises his arm one last time to another big pop. He climbs down and gets handed a mic. He walks to the center of the ring, and gets ready to speak.*

    Dazzle: Finally.......


    Dazzle: Finally....

    *Louder cheers.*

    Dazzle: FINALLY............B.Dazzle has come the I.....W....T!

    *Even bigger cheers. Chants of "Dazzle" fill the arena.*

    Dazzle: Tonight, the night it ends. It is the night when B.Dazzle puts the past behind him, and takes a giant leap forward for his future. On this night, on this Uprising, B.Dazzle can walk in with nothing but failure to his name, and walk out with two shiny belts slung over his shoulders. This might be B.Dazzle's last chance for a long, long time, and to fail tonight, just like all those other nights, is completely unacceptable. It can't, NO, it WON'T happen. B.Dazzle will not let it happen. He is going to stand in this ring like the man he is, he's going to stand his ground against Jwab, fight him punch to punch, move for move, hold for hold, and he is going to once again prove the critics wrong. Because tonight, Jwab is walking into a warzone. Not an arena, not a wrestling ring, but a WarZone. And to make matters worse for him, he's outnumbered. Because Jwab is not just facing me, but my army of Millions........


    Dazzle: Of fans. As B.Dazzle stands in this ring, the people's ring, with the people behind him at every turn, B.Dazzles knows, and B.Dazzle means KNOWS, nothing will stop him from achieving his goal tonight. There's been a drought in B.Dazzle's career lately, but that drought is about to end after B.Dazzle makes it rain with championship gold! Jwab, the story is simple. You've got two belts, and B.Dazzle wants them. He wants them, and he's going to take them! Not tomorrow, not next PPV, TONIGHT! He wants those belts tonight! So Mr. Hollywood, Mr. Protecter of the Universe, B.Dazzle is demanding you come down to this ring. Come down that ramp, get in this ring, and go ONE on ONE with The Dazzling One!
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  4. *The lights go out and a spotlight shines on the stage. The music hits and the crowd boos loudly. Louder than anyone ever in the history of IWT*

    *Jwab slowly walks out into the spotlight with the X-Division title but it looks different. The X seems to be made up of pieces of the Hardcore title. He smirks while the crowd boos. He makes his way down the ramp. Someone has a sign that says Jwab Sucks. Jwab slowly walks over there and looks as if he is going to rip it from the fan's hand.. he reaches his hand out and pulls it back. He smiles and smirks at the fan, points at him a couple times saying you almost got me. He signals to security right afterwards and they rip the man over the barricade and take him to the back. Jwab waves at him and makes his way to the ring. He gets up on the apron slowly while giving Dazzle a friendly smile. He gets in the ring and hands the belt to the ref who lifts it up notifying that this is a title match. The ref hands Jwab a mic. Jwab does a subtle sniff and bends down to talk into the mic*


    *Crowd boos while Jwab smiles*

    You guys loved it. Don't lie. You wanna know why I say that Dazzle? Because I've been on a roll this year... every single person excluding a lucky few that I have stepped into the ring with... hasn't come back to compete. Ask Jacob Colton, who I blew up in a limo. He survived but thank god that he got the message cause I would have went through any obstacle imaginable to end his career. Next, Leo Taylor. I injured his leg and he has not been the same ever since and that was my first match back. That was all ring rust baybay. Next stop, Nick. Where is Nick now? He was one shot away from holding two figurative money in the bank briefcases. But, he ran away after what I did to him... and last but not least, Victoria Parker. I put her down like the sick old dog she was. Claiming to be stable and unstable at the same time just wasn't safe for her well being.

    *smirky time*

    Now look at me, The Hardcore Champion and the X-Division Champion at the same time. I think this is the first time these two belts have been held by the same person simultaneously. Well, it's going to be the only time cause after I beat you... I have a huge announcement regarding this belt that you will get witness by laying on the ground while I announce this. You see Dazzle, the reason your drought isn't ever going to end... is because you keep on doubting yourself. You couldn't beat Gav, you couldn't beat Midas... come on man, it's Midas for crying out loud. He's an old man that is just waiting to be beat, whether it be his European Championship... or his Tag Team championship. Maybe that is the route you should take cause I'm pretty sure you can't get anything done yourself. You might as well get a tag partner and have him carry you to the titles and through a reign just like the way Gav did.

    *Crowd boos after that sick burn by Jwab*

    What? I speak the truth. Dazzle, if you think you are just going to come in here and take my titles like that. After everything I've been doing to make these titles more prestigious. You got another thing coming. Something called the Hollywood Bomb, or maybe I should make you tap out like I did Leo Taylor, or maybe just maybe, I should debut a brand new move. It doesn't matter, Mr. Dazzle. I'm going to win, you wanna know the main reason? I'm not gonna tell you it's cause I'm better than you even though that is the most obvious reason you aren't going to win, no no no. It's because of story. You didn't earn this. You expect to challenge someone and earn it. It's a movie. You don't get the big ending right at the beginning. It doesn't make sense. I know, cause I actually filmed a movie like that. Super confusing. It's about your road to this title and you haven't done anything to redeem yourself. You won the money in the bank, nice start. But your start got halted right off the bat. You lost the money in the bank briefcase as fast as you lost the tag titles. It's pathetic. Maybe, you should go back to the hood in West Virginia and get in touch with your roots. Your origins. Cause after I'm done, you are going to need a break and I'm just going to cross it off as another career I ended.... you..... you.... jabroni.

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  5. *Dazzle puts the mic back up to his mouth.*

    Dazzle: You want to come out here and run your mouth, run your mouth about ending B.Dazzle's career. Run your mouth about B.Dazzle not earning this shot. Guess what Jabroni, B.Dazzle's earned everything he's ever got. You come out here and act like you're the greatest thing that's ever walked God's green Earth, but you're not, no, you're from it. You've beaten tough opponents, no question about that, but listen to what B.Dazzle is telling, listen very good, because B.Dazzle is only going to say this once. B.Dazzle isn't going nowhere besides to the top of the mountain after this. He's going to whip your ass, take your titles, and send your ass back to DVD, so you can film some straight to DVD movies. Your little fifteen minutes of fame, Mr. Hollywood, it's finished. It's over. The clock is ticking, but as soon as this match ends, the clock on your reign ends. B.Dazzle wants you to close your eyes and listen for the clock. Do you here it, Jwab? Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick.................done. Your clock has stopped, your time has ended, my time is starting. You want to talk about career's ending, talk about ending B.Dazzle's career, but maybe it's your career you need to be worrying about. B.Dazzle is done doubting myself, mark his damn words. He doesn't think he can beat your ass, he knows he IS going to whip your monkey ass. There may be a lot of things B.Dazzle has failed to accomplish, but this won't be one of those things. To lose to a rotten, overrated, annoying, waste of space, crappy actor like yourself would be a slap in the face to not just B.Dazzle, but the people.

    *B.Dazzle looks out to the crowd, before turning back to Jwab.*

    Dazzle: B.Dazzle just isn't fighting for himself anymore, he's fighting for them. He's fighting for his fans, for the people who pay to see him, and want to see him be the best damn wrestler on this damn planet. Bring everything you've got Jwab! Bring a damn army, bring the damn Devil, bring an army of your C-list actor friends, B.Dazzle swears to you none of that will stop him tonight. You come out here with all your Hollywood knowledge, talking about why B.Dazzle can't win. You say B.Dazzle can't win in the beginning, but B.Dazzle says whoever said this is the beginning? This is the damn end, jabroni. It's the end of your reign as X-Division and Hardcore champion. You've got big plans for those titles? Those plans are about to be put on hold for a long, long time. Jwab, you can get all the Hollwood directors in the world,and write a damn script on how you think this match is going to go, but that would only prove that what you think DOESN'T MATTER! So think this match out start to finish, plan the damn ending, because as soon as you think you know what's coming next, B.Dazzle is gonna change that damn script, and then stick it straight up your candy ass!

    *Loud crowd pop.*

    Dazzle: If you SSSMMEELLLL................what B.Dazzle...............IS............COOKING!

    *B.Dazzle drops the mic and mocks Jwab by raising his eyebrow.
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  6. *Jwab laughs loudly before going to talk*

    Haha, nice nice man. Fifteen minutes of fame, straight to DVD, I like the originality there. You know every single person I've faced has told me the exact same thing. Every single person I named before used those exact words. But that doesn't really matter cause you can steal all the one liners you want from every single corpse I put in the damn ground. It doesn't change anything. There is no re-writes here. The conclusion is finalized. It's me pinning you and walking out with the title. Like every single other time I put this belt on the line. Dazzle, I don't like to consider you as a threat to my title... or even an opponent. Sometimes, I forget that I'm in a match when standing in this ring with you. Cause all you are to me is a job. A job to complete. Take the paycheck, move onto the next thing. Why am I saying this? I am saying this because I want you to know that even though I'm the biggest fight of your life, but you are nothing to me. Nothing.


    You see, I hear you say the same thing over and over and over again. Watching old content of yours really has shown this to me. Telling me and every other person you wrestle that their clock is done. That my clock is done ticking? No no, my clock will never stop ticking. Time will past as I become more dominant by the hour.... in the future, I will have adapted so much that I will become more dominant by the second. More dominant than anyone who has stepped in this ring before and there is no one that can stop me. Obviously, not you. Look at all the other possible contenders, Alias? He lost to Ami and is nowhere to be seen. Joey Bryant? He lost to Gav so that pretty much means he's losing his touch and when all of these holes in IWT's ship is taking notice.... there isn't anyone that can fill it but there is someone that can pay for some professional help and build a bigger and better ship out of the scraps of this one. Do you know who that is? That's me. Come on Dazzle, thought you'd catch on right away but I guess you don't think that much do you. You think that directors write the scripts? Are you an imbecile? Don't answer that. Well, I do know one director... calling the shots....

    *friendly smirk*

    But at the moment, I can't reveal him. He is way too valuable of a person to give the identity of.... on Uprising. Uprising of all places. A place where all of these jabronis and candy asses that support you sit out in the crowd and cheer for you just cause of your catchphrases and the reminiscing lines they heard from the man that introduced you at SummerSlam, who is also a good friend of mine if you didn't know from a little known movie that shattered records all over the world called Protectors Of The Universe. Yeah, that's right. But, he didn't tell you didn't he? He didn't go to SummerSlam to announce you. He came to SummerSlam to visit me. He said... "Hey Jwab, do you think I should announce this man into his match?" and my exact words were "Dwayne, buddy, you can do what you want for this guy but he's still only going to be as over as he was a year ago". He took that as a challenge... and now look at you. You still aren't over, haha.

    *Jwab looks over as one of his personal assistants are telling him to hurry up cause he has someone that wants to speak to him backstage*

    Well, looks like I'm going to have to hurry up and beat you right? I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and recommend that you stop asking people to smell what you are cooking cause it obviously smells like shit.

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  8. Nice sig image BTW. I had only read about it so far but seeing it is funny as hell lol.
  9. @Delik We ready to reveal the winner here.
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  10. Good luck haha
  11. Your winner, with an average of 7.714285714 to 6.476190476... Hollywood Jwab!

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  12. Congrats jwab I'll be keeping a close eye on you

    commiserations dazzle :(