Storyline Home Improvement with Farooq Taylor

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    Farooq is in a bulldozer, smoking a cigar as he looks at the camera. "Hello!" He says waving at the camera. "Farooq the tool man Taylor! Here with some home improvement! Now here's my assistant, Al!" "Go to the local boozer lads!" Al says. "Time to get to business, Al, help me out here by explaining what I'm about to do with this bulldozer." Farooq says. "Well, this lad is about to go frivoulous on the building like a jadded bloke nine inch nails." Al says nodding. "Exactly....I think." Farooq says, before shrugging and doing some odd grunt. He drives the bulldozer, crashing it into the Church of Dat Kid. He goes through multiple times, the building eventually collapsing as he returns to the spot where Al is. They watch, the entire structure fall while they enjoy some booze. "Now that, is how a bloke gets some fanny." Farooq says, doing a toast with Al. "This has been Home Improvement, with Farooq the tool man Taylor!" Suddenly, someone looks above their fence at Farooq. "Ya know neighbor, I was actually going to do that myself." The man said, before taking out cooked frogs. "Oh well, who wants some cooked frogs? Did you know th-" The camera fades to black, before the man finishes.

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