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  1. Dylan Gray is seen in the same dark, backstage area that seems to be a large boiler room, he is wearing a signature D-Gray hoodie with the hood down.

    So I guess that Corey Marcus had some, well put it this way, controversial comments to make about me, trying to convince his self that D-Gray was colorless, but I only have one word to describe you, Corey, and that's hopeless, you're a man who comes into IWT claiming to be the saving grace of the company, the next big thing, but that's just not true, is it now, Corey?

    I see this as one thing only, you're jealous of me, jealous that i'm better than you, jealous that you're never going to be as great as I am, but it's fine, Corey, nobody is as good as me. Will Savat let you beat him for a reason, he was sorry for you, saw that you lost your debut match, to the guy kissing your ass, Reagan Cole.

    You're hopeless in a way I can't particularly put into words, a way I can't explain, only foreseen by your actions in both the ring, and backstage, I would never quote Linkin Park but in this case I will, because it fits in so well:

    "You try so hard, and got so far"
    That explains your current run in IWT, trying so hard to be good, and nearly getting there.
    "But in the end, it doesn't even matter"
    Exactly how it sounds, when i'm donw with you, you're hard work won't even matter.

    Gray walks away from the camera


    @C.M. Shaddix
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  2. Took music lyrics... Good call, I do that :)
  3. Trust 'ol King B to use lyrics from the most meme'd Linkin Park tune. Love it.
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